About DCRS:

Since 1976, DCRS Solutions has been helping restaurant, hospitality and retail operators run their businesses more efficiently.  From electronic cash registers, to windows based point of sale systems, to android and iOS cloud systems, DCRS has always evolved to bring the most current and purpose built solutions to market.   We strive to retain our customers by exceeding their expectations with superior service and meaningful retail tools, permitting us to grow and be successful for the well being of our customers and employees.  Whether you are a single unit operator, multi-unit chain or manage an enterprise environment, we have a solution for you.  Beyond POS, DCRS offers a wide range of services including a 24×7 IT support center, on site professional services, merchant services (credit card processing), managed services, network management and much more.  Our office is headquartered in St. Louis, MO

Job Description:

Support all POS applications offered by DCRS, by a combination of Live Help Desk and On-Site visits to customers in the field.  Your system support will include primarily POS Software Applications, Networking and Operating Systems.  Hardware repair primarily includes POS touchscreen terminals, tablets, printers, and all other POS peripherals, as well as Servers and PCs.

You will be available for On-Call hours approximately once a month on a rotating basis, for up to 4 days (Shifts are Mon-Thurs and Fri-Sat).  On-Call office hours for On-Call Primary Tech is typically 11:00am to 6:00pm (Monday through Friday), then On-Call after those hours.  Your On-Call duties will include a substantial On-Call BONUS and Overtime.  Customer Satisfaction bonuses, Company Car business access (or mileage reimbursement) and Overtime is earned when Senior On-Call status is achieved.  To advance to Senior On-Call status, you will learn to support our multiple software applications and hardware products, within the first 6 months.  Advanced Senior Technicians may be delegated to perform hardware installs or software system upgrades.  You will report to the Support Manager and Assistant Support Manager.

Your Special Skills

  • Communication and Customer Service. You will possess the ability or skill to maintain appropriate communication with the client.
  • You will have an outgoing, strong “people-person” personality.
  • You will have an ability to diagnose and support over the phone.
  • You will be able to work with minimal supervision and be able to handle at least 80% of all situations on your own, without phone help from other associates.
  • You will have a Professional, Business-like appearance.

The Requirements Needed for you to Perform

  • You will have an ability to simultaneously restore the system to full operation within a minimal amount of downtime, while maintaining a good rapport with the client.
  • You will have knowledge in PC hardware, Networking, TCP/IP and Windows 7/8/10 and Server 2008/2012.
  • You will be in excellent health.
  • You will be able to carry medium to heavy weight equipment (approx. to 40+ lbs.).
  • You will have a valid driver’s license with GOOD DRIVING RECORD, and able to meet insurance requirements as specified in the DCRS Employee Handbook.

Your Availability to Work what Hours

  • You will be available for normal working hours, typically starting between 7:30am to 8:30am, and ending between 4:30pm to 5:30pm (Monday through Friday).
  • You will be available for On-Call hours approximately once every month on a rotating basis, for up to 4 days at a time (office hours for On-Call Primary Tech is typically 11:00am to 6:00pm, then On-Call after those hours, Monday-Thursday OR Fri-Sat).
  • You will also be available as the Back-Up to the On-Call technician approximately once every month on a rotating basis, for up to 4 days at a time, usually the period before scheduled for On-Call.
  • You will have immediate access to a High Speed Internet connection from your home, to provide immediate remote access support to our customers, preventing the need for you to travel to our office for same, outside of your office hours, as On-Call Primary Tech or as Back-Up to the On-Call Tech.
  • You will be available for a rotating schedule of holiday hours which have additional BONUS opportunities.
  • You will be able and willing to work EVENINGS and WEEKENDS on occasion, as training and business demand dictates, as this is a full-time career position. 
  • You will have Large Project opportunities for Advanced Senior Technicians, which may require overnight travel, which may include increased compensation and career promotion opportunities.

Your Training Needed

  • You will have at least two years of prior appropriate technical (basic and advanced) training, with several years of practical, on the job experience, ideally in software support.
  • You will be involved in an on-going training program in technological advancements and new products as they enter the market. Your training will never end but will be progressive, just as technology is.
  • You will have knowledge of Windows 7/8/10, Windows Server 2008/2012, Networks, and TCP/IP.
  • You will have an understanding of our multiple (typically 9, possibly more) Software Applications to render full software support.
  • You will have knowledge of the geographical area for a 200-mile radius of the St. Louis area.
  • You will have A+ and Network+ Certifications, or you will eventually secure both with our assistance.

What is different about working at DCRS

  • Entry-Level Support Technicians are offered an incentive-laden job path that includes increases for earning specific certifications.
  • Not your typical IT job.  Mixture of both Help Desk and Customer facing responsibilities, making no two days the same.
  • Monthly Bonuses for high levels of customer satisfaction
  • On Call Bonuses above any Overtime
  • Opportunity for growth and advancement in Technical fields through our educational incentive program
  • Health Benefits
  • Expenses
  • Regular scheduled company paid lunches
  • Quarterly Drawing awards to encourage teamwork
  • Cash Bonus to Problem Solver of the year
  • Casual dress environment with professional business like appearance and attire
  • Largest staffed POS VAR in our market
  • Multiple product lines to ensure we are not a one size fits all organization