Since 1976, DCRS Solutions has been helping restaurant, hospitality and retail operators run their businesses more efficiently.  We strive to retain our customers by exceeding their expectations with superior service and meaningful retail tools, permitting us to grow and be successful for the well-being of our customers and employees.  

  • Full Line of Technology Solutions, beyond POS
  • Multiple POS solutions 
  • White Glove Implementation  
  • Planning meeting, database review, training and live support
  • 24×7, Local Support with real people to assist you

Our Core Values

Be Curious

We seek first to understand by learning and listening.  The more we know about our customers, vendors, products and each other, the better we can help.  When we are curious, we are always prepared, humble and can never assume.

Be Accountable

We are proactive in everything we do.  We take responsibility, focus on finding a solution, and commit to the success and well-being of each other and our customers.

Be Excellent

We offer the best of breed solutions, we are prompt in our response, consistent in our communication, deliver quality, open to change, and seek to exceed customer’s expectations.

Deliver Results and Satisfaction

We develop strategies that help us overcome obstacles to achieve positive results.  We maintain a flexible and positive attitude.  We know that our success will be defined by the results we deliver to our customers

Our History

After working 30 years for the National Cash Register Company (NCR Corp), at the age of 53, Vern Kramer started Data Cash Register System Inc in March of 1976 as a DTS electronic cash register dealer.  Mike Kramer, Vern’s oldest son and first employee, was the programmer/installer/trainer and service technician.

The 1980’s saw steady growth and the addition of more employees, including son Steve, after serving 10 years at a retail division of Firestone.  Cash Registers became more intelligent and were being referred to as “Point of Sale” (POS) terminals.  With the release of the IBM-PC, companies began to develop software for POS and back office.  It was soon after that, when DCRS partnered with Micros and IBM.  That relationship with Micros, now Oracle, remains today.

Vern retired from DCRS in 1991 with Mike and Steve purchasing Data Cash Register.  At that time Data Cash Register had become a total solution provider to the Hospitality and Specialty Retail industries and therefore they began doing business as DCRS Solutions.

In early 2001, Steve’s son Matt joined DCRS after starting his career at AXA Advisors.   The early 2000’s saw continued growth with Micros and more complex POS systems.  With that growth in technology, DCRS began to shift its hiring process-not only with backgrounds in Hospitality and Retail, but with the right attitude for the industry.  We made substantial investments in education and technical certifications, that separate us from others in the industry and we still carry on those programs today.

The long term succession of DCRS Solutions continued with Matt’s purchase of Mike’s shares in March of 2009 and later with Steve’s shares in December of 2016.

Change is constant in technology and the 2010’s saw much of it with the evolution of Cloud POS. In 2014 DCRS was the first reseller in the Midwest to bring Cloud to market with Oracle’s Simphony application (formerly Micros.) That continued with new iOS and Android solutions when we were the first to introduce MobileBytes and Toast to our market in 2015, both startup organizations. We also expanded our offerings adding Dealer Support Services, Managed Services, Network Management, and Credit Card processing all while maintaining the largest 24×7 local IT support in the market.

In 2021 we celebrate our 45th year in business.  We continue our evolution with the introduction of our own branded Cloud POS Solution, DCRS Cloud, and a partnership with one of the fastest growing cloud and payments providers, SpotOn.  Another first, locally, we introduced IoT solutions offerings, to further embrace our full service IT solutions.

Although our systems continue to do more every year for so many restaurants and retailers, the real difference behind our solutions is the people of DCRS.  Customers and their referrals remain not only the testimony of our service and support after the sale, but also our legacy.  Our goal is for customers to consider our staff being an extension of their staff.