Raise your brand awareness and provide promotional content to your customer with an easy to use Guest Wi-Fi network.  Your Guest Wi-Fi portal is branded with your logos and imagery to create a seamless experience for your guests.


Why do I need it?

  • Customers love the idea of getting something for free.  So offering up free Wi-Fi could be a deciding factor in the customer’s decision in choosing you over the competition.

Save your bandwidth for critical operations

  • Policies can be applied to the guest network to restrict the bandwidth allocated to each connection.

Mitigate your liability

  • Acceptable use policies can be required to be accepted to minimize corporate liability if the guest user connects to some questionable content.

Promotional Landing Page

  • When a customer accepts the terms of service and connects to your Guest Wi-Fi network, you can redirect them to your promotional landing page which can either be your website home page, or a promotional page of your choosing.

Not only does a guest Wi-Fi network benefit your relationship with staff and customers, it also improves your network security. By setting up your network this way, you will have control over who has access to your company’s network.  This is an important factor since the more sophisticated viruses and malware today can use any portable or mobile devices to attack your network.