Managed Firewall Solutions: UniFi, Meraki, Sonicwall – Live Protect:

Our Firewall offerings provide Content Filtering, Intrusion Protection and Firewall Antivirus, to maximize your security and meet PCI requirements.

Symantic – Live AntiVirus

Our AntiVirus & AntiSpyware service provides continual updates to protect the desktop level of your POS Server, as well as any PC and PC Workstations on your network, to meet PCI Security requirements.

Network Management

Proactive network monitoring gives our team the ability to quickly diagnose and resolve issues before they become a problem for your restaurant.  Our cloud hosted solutions include gateway and local network visibility so that we have complete insight into your network operations from the internet gateway, all the way down to the device level.  Our advanced troubleshooting tools allow us to fix most of your network problems remotely and avoid the cost and time of an on-site visit.

PCI Assistance and Consultation

Our Support Plan customers can receive assistance on these ever-changing security requirements. We monitor regulations, can deliver software version updates with Software Update Licensing, and can provide update installation services when necessary. However, having a software version on the PA-DSS validated list satisfies only 1 of 12 minimum requirements. We can provide guidance on meeting the many other responsibilities, which are all part of a Merchant’s contractual obligation with the Credit Card Issuers.


Why pay thousands or waste valuable time when we can do it all for you? For simple, custom built websites, let us do the heavy lifting.

Vigilix – Live Alert & Connect

Our POS Server monitoring and access service is a Trustwave Certified solution, with Two-Factor Authentication, that reduces your costs and avoids service interruptions. Your POS Server is monitored to proactively alert us before your business operation is disrupted, while instant remote connection allow us to repair your problems remotely, all without compromising PCI Security requirements.

4G Failover

Whether your system is cloud-based or on-premise, never miss a beat with our 4G Internet Backup solution.

  • Why do I need it?
    • Let’s face it, your internet connection will never be 100% stable.  At any time there could be an outage in your area due to weather, or scheduled maintenance by your service provider.  Investing in an “enterprise” connection with guaranteed uptime can be cost prohibitive, and would likely not be necessary for your restaurant.
  • What does it do?
    • Our 4G backup device sits between your internet modem and your POS firewall in order to detect when the signal from your internet provider goes down.  Once the drop in service is detected, the 4G uplink kicks in within 30 seconds and allows you to continue operations on your system, reducing delays in service and the high cost associated with comping guest checks because “the system is down”.