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DCRS Referral Program

Customer referrals are a critical factor in why DCRS Solutions has been helping local businesses since 1976. We want to ensure we reward those ambassadors of ours, properly. 

  • Receive $1000 if you are an existing DCRS client and refer a new business to us, who in turn, purchases a new POS System.
  • You will receive your referral bonus as soon as your referral goes live and has completed final payment of their system.
  • The bonus will be paid as a credit to your account, in which you can use toward any purchase or SaaS payment with DCRS.
  • Referring a business with multiple locations? $1000 applies for the first location and you can earn $250 for each additional location, purchased at the same time as store one. Additional locations, after the initial purchase, do not apply.
  • Anyone can refer a business to DCRS. If you are not an employee of a current DCRS customer (DCRS employees, outside vendors, etc.), you are still eligible for a $500 bonus (via check) or $125 for additional locations purchased at the same time as store one.
  • Have a referral without POS needs, but may need some help with payment processing?  A $250 bonus applies to anyone that refers a business that chooses payment processing only, without POS.