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Cloud POS vs. Traditional POS Systems

If your point-of-sale system has been in place for more than 5 years, chances are you have a traditional POS system in your restaurant or retail business. However, the POS industry has undergone some notable changes over the last several years with the evolution of cloud-based POS systems, which now offer convenient iOS and Android options in place of traditional systems.

We want to ensure our clients are educated in order to make the best choice for their company — both today and in the future.

What Is A Traditional POS System?

Traditional point-of-sale systems use local servers to store your data. These are referred to as “Legacy” or “On-Premise” setups. Some examples of common traditional POS systems are Micros e7, Micros RES, Micros 9700, and Restaurant Manager. Traditional POS systems usually include:

  • Up front purchase of the software
  • Software is installed locally & maintained on-site
  • Data is only available on the server or through an additional web application

What Is A Cloud POS System?

Cloud POS systems are web-based SaaS solutions that store data in the cloud, which refers to a server in a remote location. These systems allow for information to be accessed in real-time from anywhere in the world, which is invaluable for business owners. Popular cloud POS systems include MobileBytes, Toast, and Oracle Hospitality/Micros Simphony. Cloud point-of-sale systems offer:

  • Low monthly payments
  • Software that is hosted online & updated & maintained remotely
  • Real-time data available via the cloud through any internet connection

Top 10 Reasons To Use A Cloud POS System In Your Business

From the ability to access real-time sales data and reports from anywhere in the world to increased security and automated updates, numerous advantages have emerged for cloud-based POS systems over traditional POS systems. Here are a few of the top reasons brick-and-mortar stores should consider making the switch to cloud POS:

  1. Data Accessibility

    Cloud POS systems (or SaaS) store data in the cloud. This means you can access all of your reporting in real time while offering complete access to your entire database from any internet connection.

  2. Real-Time Updates

    There is no longer a need for on-site visits to update your point-of-sale system with the latest version. Traditional POS systems require onsite labor to manually update the system’s server which results in fewer updates at an increased cost. Cloud POS systems update in real time which eliminates upgrade costs and ensures you are always utilizing the current version of the software.

  3. Maximum Security Standards

    With Cloud POS, you can relax in knowing that your information is stored securely in the cloud and you’ll never have to worry about local or offsite backups again. Additionally, due to the automated updating, new security patches will upload automatically to ensure your data is always protected from the latest cyber threats.

  4. Integrated Solutions

    Simplify your sales structure by bringing all aspects of POS into one platform. Ranging from electronic gift, loyalty and online ordering, to CRM and inventory. Cloud-based POS systems offered by DCRS include fully-integrated solutions that remove the need for incorporating third-party software.

  5. Consolidate Information Across Multiple Locations

    If you manage multiple locations a cloud-based POS system will allow you to consolidate all of your data across each location. Data becomes real-time and accessible by anyone within the organization. Additionally, with one simple change it becomes easier to maintain multiple systems as opposed to addressing each system individually.

  6. Mobility & Innovative Hardware

    Cloud POS systems make better use of tablets and other mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, and Android-based devices than traditional systems. The ability to take orders tableside and email or text a receipt is becoming increasingly preferred. Cloud POS systems will let you keep up with consumer desires.

  7. Less Downtime

    A traditional Windows point-of-sale system is susceptible to viruses, system crashes, and corruption. If this happens, you can expect downtime within the system or running in some sort of standalone mode. Cloud POS systems are much more reliable.

  8. Cost Effective

    Traditional POS systems have upfront costs in addition to some sort of a maintenance fee that allows access to new versions. Cloud-based systems use a SaaS structure, meaning they have no upfront software costs and instant access to the latest updates.

  9. No Internet, No Problem

    Being online is the core of any cloud-based POS system. With the systems offered from DCRS you have offline capabilities, so it’s business as usual even without a connection — your system will simply sync your data when you’re back online.

  10. Local St. Louis Support from DCRS Solutions

    DCRS was the first to bring cloud point-of-sale opportunities to St. Louis. You can be assured we will continue to bring innovative POS solutions to this region while offering the same level of service and hands-on approach for Cloud POS that we’ve offered for over 45 years.

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