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Toast Inc. Gaffe Proves How Implementing Hidden “Junk Fees” Can Backfire

junk fees

Toast Inc., renowned for its cloud-based restaurant software, stirred the pot recently by introducing a 99-cent online order fee for transactions exceeding $10. The move sparked outrage among restaurants and customers alike, eventually leading to the fee’s swift repeal. Toast Inc. opted to bill customers directly, bypassing the conventional model of charging restaurants. This unanticipated […]

Understanding the Credit Card Competition Act of 2023 and Its Impact on Businesses

Credit Card Competition Act

In a world where credit card fees often translate into higher prices for consumers, the Credit Card Competition Act of 2023 is poised to make significant changes.   Here’s a breakdown of what this act entails and how it affects businesses and consumers: How the Credit Card Competition Act of 2023 works This legislation mandates that […]