Monthly Archives: December 2018

What Is A Restaurant’s Best Marketing Tool? The Menu!

Marketing is an essential part of managing and promoting your restaurant – after all, no one will take notice if you do not put yourself out there. After marketing to Millennials and Boomers, promoting your loyalty program, and touting the benefits of your takeaway service, you may be at a loss as to what to […]

Why You Should Avoid Using A Retail POS System In Your Restaurant

If you think that all point of sale systems are created equal, think again. The purpose of a POS system in your restaurant and business is to make things as easy and efficient as possible. If you are using retail POS system in your restaurant, then you will want to make the switch to a […]

Line Busting With DCRS Solutions Cloud POS Technology

Customers lining up out the door are both a boon and a problem to be solved for restaurants. On one hand, congratulations on your restaurant being so popular! On the other, long lines mean many would-be customers leave to find a restaurant where they do not have to wait as long. Schedule Your Free Cloud […]

Should Your Restaurant Offer Delivery?

Delivery is all the rage these days and not just for pizza. With technology offering the convenience and ability to have a meal delivered straight to your door, restaurants are teaming up with third-party delivery services or creating their own to reach new customers who now expect restaurant-quality food without ever having to leave their […]