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Dual Pricing Strategy for Restaurants: A Win-Win Solution

In the ever-competitive restaurant industry, managing costs while maintaining customer satisfaction is paramount. One innovative strategy that has emerged to address the rising expenses associated with credit card processing fees is the dual pricing model. Also known as cash discounting, this approach can help restaurants offset these costs and potentially increase their profit margins. Here, […]

Tipping Culture in Restaurants: Navigating Change


In recent years, the landscape of tipping culture in restaurants has experienced a profound transformation. A variety of factors, including the pandemic, inflation, and the rise of technology, has reshaped the way we view gratuities and their place in our dining experiences. Pandemic-induced shifts The COVID-19 pandemic forced restaurants to adapt. With indoor dining restrictions […]

Toast Inc. Gaffe Proves How Implementing Hidden “Junk Fees” Can Backfire

junk fees

Toast Inc., renowned for its cloud-based restaurant software, stirred the pot recently by introducing a 99-cent online order fee for transactions exceeding $10. The move sparked outrage among restaurants and customers alike, eventually leading to the fee’s swift repeal. Toast Inc. opted to bill customers directly, bypassing the conventional model of charging restaurants. This unanticipated […]

Surcharging vs. Cash Discounts: Finding The Right Payment Approach For Your Business


When it comes to payment processing, striking the right balance between minimizing fees and providing a positive customer experience should be a top priority. However, credit card brands have begun tightening their belts when it comes to surcharging violations, which means businesses could be facing more on-site audits and non-compliance fines than ever before.  So, […]

Understanding the Difference Between Merchant Services and Point-of-Sale Systems

merchant services

Merchant services and point-of-sale (POS) systems are a dynamic duo when it comes to managing payments in your restaurant. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they represent very distinct aspects of managing transactions and business operations, and it’s important to know the difference. 

5 Payment Methods Your POS System Should Support

payment methods

In the world of modern retail and restaurant management, it’s crucial to have a versatile point-of-sale (POS) system that supports a wide range of payment methods.  By accommodating various payment options, businesses can cater to customer preferences, enhance the purchasing experience, and streamline transactions. Here are the five essential payment methods that your POS system […]

Why choose DCRS for payment processing in St. Louis?

Are you a restaurant owner in St. Louis looking for a reliable payment processor to ensure your customers enjoy smooth and secure transactions? If so, look no further than DCRS – the leading payment processing provider in St. Louis. We provide comprehensive solutions designed to meet the needs of businesses across different industries, with end-to-end […]

Should your restaurant offer carryout and catering to large parties?

to go trays

Catering is providing food and drink at a social gathering as a professional service. Many restaurants offer this service to increase income and boost their customer base. Catering has many moving parts, so it’s important to feel confident about taking on this challenge before launching large-order capacities at your establishment.

Leveraging Google integrations at your restaurant with SpotOn

SpotOn POS

In a world where consumers are more aware of the tight margins restaurants operate on and how costly third-party commissions can be for them, it makes sense why 63% of people would instead order directly from an establishment. But as a restaurant, how can you move away from those third parties you’ve spent years with? […]