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Can You Believe It? 5 Cloud POS Myths Dispelled

Cloud POS Myths

There are many misconceptions about Cloud POS systems that may prevent restaurant owners from making the switch. We are here to dispel some of these myths surrounding Cloud POS and why it is the best choice for your restaurant. Find Out How A Cloud-Based POS System Can Streamline Your Restaurant Here are the top 5 […]

5 Tips To Improve Your Restaurant’s Customer Service

When dining out, customers don’t just want great food – they want an experience that leaves them feeling cared for and welcomed. Both you and your employees are responsible for ensuring excellent customer service, because when your customer service is lacking, diners will not stick around for long, damaging your reputation and margins.

Reducing Chargebacks At Your Restaurants

It is inevitable that you will experience chargebacks at your restaurant at some point or another, which occur when a customer disputes a transaction on their account and the charge made at your restaurant is reversed and returned to the cardholder. Chargebacks occur for a number of reasons, including when there has been card fraud […]

The Importance of PCI Compliance

When a customer comes into your place of business, they expect their transactions and data to be safe and secure whenever they swipe their card. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance is a set of security standards applies to any and all businesses that accept credit cards. This is overseen by the […]

How to Explain PCI Compliance

Below is great explanation of PCI Compliance from our friends at Merchant Link. Though PCI is not a law, it should be considered as cost of doing business in this day and age with the amount of credit card fraud and breaches that occur on a daily basis. DCRS Solutions provides Managed Service Subscriptions as […]