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Tips for Managing Restaurant Payroll 

restaurant payroll

Managing payroll for a restaurant can be a daunting task, given the unique challenges and intricacies of the industry. From high turnover rates to navigating tip regulations, restaurant owners and managers face a myriad of complexities when it comes to ensuring accurate and timely compensation for their employees. Here are some essential tips to help […]

DCRS Recognized as the Face of Hospitality Technology by St. Louis Magazine

DCRS is honored to be recognized as The Face of Hospitality Technology by St. Louis Magazine.  This achievement celebrates that: “Since 1976, DCRS Solutions has helped restaurant, hospitality, and retail operators run their businesses more efficiently by providing custom technology solutions that fit their unique needs. DCRS strives to exceed their customer’s expectations by providing […]

Streamlining Restaurant Operations: The Power of POS Systems

POS Systems

In today’s digital age, restaurants must harness technology to stay competitive and meet customer expectations. A robust Point of Sale (POS) system is at the heart of this transformation, offering a multitude of capabilities that extend far beyond payment processing. Here are just a couple of the many ways that restaurants can leverage our POS […]

New Year Resolutions For Your Restaurant

new yeats resolutions

The New Year is here, and it is the perfect time to rethink your restaurant’s goals and resolutions. Find Out How A Cloud-Based POS System Can Streamline Your Restaurant Setting realistic goals for your restaurant is a responsible business decision that will help you take control of your business and maximize results in both the […]

Preparing Your Restaurant For The Christmas Season

Happy Holidays! The Christmas season is a very busy time for restaurants, which often see a surge in customers looking to share a good meal with friends and family. To handle this increase in business and to get in the spirit of the season, you should begin to prepare your restaurant sooner rather than later. […]

Making The Switch From Food Truck To Restaurant

As a successful food truck owner, you may have been thinking about making the switch from mobile to brick-and-mortar. As you probably already know, making such a leap is risky and requires a lot of time, money, and dedication. Contact DCRS Today For A Free Cloud POS Demo! Before you take the plunge from food […]

5 Tips For Reducing Restaurant Employee Turnover

Your employees are critical to the success of your restaurant— and notoriously hard to find and keep. Restaurants have one of the highest turnover rates of any industry, up to 75% in 2018! High turnover in your restaurant means that it is more difficult to build team bonds and you may see impeded growth. Contact […]

How To Constructively Respond To Delivery Complaints

As with all businesses, poor restaurant reviews are an inevitable fact of life. And while you cannot please everyone, there are steps you can take to make sure that any delivery complaints are addressed constructively and immediately. Contact DCRS Today For A Free Cloud POS Demo! With these tips in hand, you will be ready […]

5 Tips For Reducing Waste In Your Restaurant

restaurant waste

Did you know that restaurants generate around 63 million tons of waste per year? That is a lot of waste to go into landfills across the country, and much of it can be recycled – including metal and cardboard. Find Out How A Cloud-Based POS System Can Streamline Your Restaurant By reducing waste in your […]

Tips For Effectively Managing Your Restaurant Inventory

Inventory management is key to building a successful restaurant. It is a loss prevention tool that lets you know what is and is not available, and it helps ensure that you only use the freshest ingredients. By monitoring what supplies go in and out of your restaurant, you can more effectively manage your restaurant’s budget. […]