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Why You Should Regularly Sample Your Restaurant’s Menu

You think you know your restaurant’s menu pretty well, right? After all, you designed it yourself, choosing the best ingredients and determining the best menu options based on your target customers and location. But when was the last time you actually tasted your menu items? If you aren’t doing so already, regularly sampling your menu […]

Preparing Your Restaurant For Health Inspections

If you own or run a restaurant, you know that health inspections play a critical role in the operation and safety of your establishment as they ensure food safety regulations are followed so customers don’t get sick. And while health inspections can sometimes come unannounced, restaurant managers can reduce their risk of violations by preparing […]

Inventory Control | Compeat Systems

If  you don’t have a competitive advantage over the Restaurant next door, it’s hard to compete! Compeat Restaurant Management Systems  brings complete Inventory  control into your business with full automation and integration (MICROS & RESTAURANT MANAGER). How? See HERE or Contact us today if interested in learning more about this powerful product and how it fits your business! […]