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Credit Card Processing 101

The process that occurs from the time a customer swipes or enters their credit card information to the completion of the purchase is an intricate one. It involves many players and features many stages that help ensure a valid transaction has occurred. On the merchant side, it entails paying fees, reconciling authorizations regularly, and often […]

What To Look For In A Modern POS System

Cloud POS Terminal

Owning a restaurant is a huge responsibility. In addition to marketing, ensuring food quality and safety, and keeping guests are happy, you shouldn’t have to worry if your point of sale system is up to the task. Find Out How A Cloud-Based POS System Can Streamline Your Restaurant Today, most restaurants are modernizing away from […]

Understanding Credit Card Payments

Today, accepting credit cards at restaurants is standard practice since cash businesses wind up missing out on $7,000+ a year in sales. Not to mention that guests will often spend more money when they are able to use their card at a restaurant. Even with such a common and popular payment method, there can be […]

Credit Card Processing: How it All Works

This is an article published over 5 years ago, but still very relevant today on how credit card processing actually works for you…the merchant. If you have questions about the ever-changing landscape of the credit card industry, please CONTACT US to meet with one of our consultants. Credit Card Processing: How It All Works APRIL […]

The $8.65 Billion Shift to New Credit Cards Won’t Fix Security Issues

We wanted to share this informative article on EMV and the October 2015 “Shift in Liability” that set to take place with credit card companies and merchants. It’s important to note these emerging technologies and how they effect your business. Please CONTACT one of consultants if you would like to learn more! The $8.65 Billion Shift […]

Strategies for Managing the Cost of Processing Small Ticket Payments

Below is a great article on how restaurants (Especially small ticket establishments like coffee shops) can manage their cost of credit card processing fee’s. The DURBIN Amendment was set in place to help merchants, which for the most part has, but small merchants have taken on the burden of picking up the costs. Strategies for Managing […]