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Navigating Restaurant Labor Compliance: A Comprehensive Guide for Restaurateurs

In the ever-evolving landscape of labor laws, navigating compliance can seem like an overwhelming task for restaurant owners and their staff. With changes happening frequently at federal, state, and local levels, staying compliant is crucial not only for avoiding fines and legal troubles but also for maintaining a healthy and productive working environment. This comprehensive […]

Retain employees at your restaurant with DCRS Cloud and SpotOn

21% of restaurants list employee retention as one of the top 3 challenges they expect to face in the industry in the coming years. This mass exodus from the restaurant industry results in overworked employees with a demanding schedule and minimal incentive to stay. To combat this, the restaurant must not only give their employees […]

Labor-Management Systems: A Smart Solution for Restaurants’ Rising Labor Costs

It’s no secret that labor costs are on the rise. Many restaurant owners are offering higher wages to attract and retain the good employees that their customers demand. Yet in an industry where profit margins were already notoriously tight, rising costs for anything can cause complications with the overall budget. So what’s a restaurateur to […]

Solve Your Staffing Crisis With Contactless Ordering & Payment

QR Code Ordering

Could contactless ordering and payment be the answer to your current staffing crisis?  As St. Louis bars and restaurants face a city-wide shortage of available employees, many owners find themselves scrambling for creative restaurant staffing solutions. Restaurant technology that has emerged as part of the growing demand for a contactless dining experience, driven in large […]

What Is Open Book Management & Would Your Restaurant Benefit?

open book management

Open book management is the management strategy of actively sharing financial information with employees about how the restaurant is run. Employees are treated as business partners and are included in brainstorming and task delegation. Find Out How A Cloud-Based POS System Can Streamline Your Restaurant If your restaurant implements open book management, here is what […]