Monthly Archives: January 2022

Reservations Recommended: Why It’s Time to Invest in an Integrated Reservation System

You could save more than $800+ each month compared to per cover fee platforms! The dine-in experience is clearly evolving. Pre-pandemic, nearly 80% of dine-in guests were walk-ins. Offering reservations was considered optional by many restaurateurs, whose top priority was seating as many paying customers as possible. While many restaurant owners may have hesitated to […]

Is Cash Discounting Right for Your Restaurant?

It’s no secret that restaurants and bars run on pretty tight margins. For small businesses, credit card processing fees can quickly become a major expense. That’s why, in an attempt to offset those fees, many establishments have started offering cash discounts to their customers in an effort to encourage payment via cash or check.

Why Restaurants Are Investing in Cashless Operations

Have you considered going cashless at your restaurant? You’re not alone. Spurred by the enthusiastic embrace of contactless dining during the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more restaurants are offering an “end-to-end cashless experience” that relies on credit cards, digital gift cards and mobile payment options (ie. QR codes and Apple Pay) that can all be […]

3 Features You’ll Regret Not Having in Your New POS System

Shopping for a new POS system for your bar or restaurant? The right POS system will help you streamline operations, respond to changing guest preferences, gather valuable customer data and keep your restaurant running smoothly so you can focus on cooking up a great dining experience. Here are three must-have features you should be looking […]