Mai Lee

Mai Lee is a family owned Vietnamese restaurant tucked away behind the Best Buy building in Brentwood at 8396 Musick Memorial Drive, 63144.

The Tran family has been a loyal DCRS customer for over 20 years. Patrons can be sure to find one of them there as you enjoy navigating your way through the unique cuisine. They are proud to be regarded as the first Vietnamese restaurant in St. Louis!

Recently, they have decided to upgrade to the latest cloud-technology in Mobile Bytes  for their restaurant.
While the menu is large, over 200 items, each one numbered, Mobile Bytes helps the staff to easily put in your order to invoke fast and efficient service.

Mai Lee is open Tuesday – Sunday for lunch and dinner, closed on Mondays. They now have the ability to expand with online ordering, and have the use of tablets for off site events. Whenever you decide to come, DCRS can assure you its worth the wait!!!


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