Restaurant Marketing: Targeting Millennials Vs. Boomers


MarketingYou would think that marketing your restaurant would be easy. After all, everyone loves to eat right?

It’s not necessarily that simple.

Millennials and Baby Boomers represent the largest living generations, so it is essential that your restaurant know how to cater to each demographic.

Both of these generations share a love of excellent food and service at restaurants, but there are a few key differences you should remember while marketing your restaurant to them.

Marketing For Millennials: Go Digital

The first thing to remember about marketing to Millennials is that they aren’t kids – the age range for Millennials spans 18 though the late 30s. As such, they often have disposable income and frequently eat out three times a week or more.

You want to market your restaurant as a fun, relaxed place to dine out with the technology they want.

Utilize Social Media & Smart Technology

If available, using apps to order from a restaurant or reserve seats is very popular among Millennials who typically don’t want to wait around. Oracle Hospitality and Toast now offer Grubhub integration where you can offer easy delivery.

You should also ensure you are marketing your restaurant on social media to build a following, as well as post pictures, give menu updates and offer follower specials. This is a good way to promote your restaurant to Millennials – especially on visually driven sites like Snapchat and Instagram.

Finally, make sure you are easy to find on Google and your listing has accurate information, including your phone number, hours, menu, and photos. If Millennials are unable to get accurate information about your restaurant, they will skip it instead of driving all the way there only to find out it’s not what they’re looking for.

Offer Loyalty Programs

While Millennials have cash to spend, they are money conscious and love a good deal — especially when it comes to good food. Offer customer loyalty programs via your POS systems where guests can earn rewards and entice them back with unique deals.

In fact, Millennials prefer loyalty apps over cards since they are easy to access via smartphones.

Stay Healthy

Millennials are pretty health conscious. Having healthy offerings available — or healthy versions of old favorites like mac and cheese — are a good way to attract Millennials to your restaurant. While they aren’t adverse to unhealthy offerings, keeping healthy items on the menu will go a long way to keeping them around.

Marketing For Boomers: Keep It Healthy

Like Millennials, Baby Boomers want healthy options available to them at a restaurant, as their health and “staying young” is important to them. They have the money to spend, so they will often prioritize healthy, wholesome foods over unhealthy comfort food.

In fact, Boomers are driving the healthy eating industry.

Be Polite

Boomers value good manners. Training your staff to be efficient and polite by saying “please,” and “thank you” and being attentive is a surefire way to cater to Baby Boomers.

If your restaurant has a POS system like tablets and kiosks, servers who can politely take the time to explain how they work or offer a traditional receipt is always appreciated and will show guests that you respect them.

Offer Nostalgia

Offer theme nights or brunches to Boomers that brings about a feeling of nostalgia. For example, ’70s and ’80s themed brunches that will allow them to relax and have a good time remembering the old days with friends.

Remember Breakfast

Boomers love breakfast, which is demonstrated by their spending more on breakfast than any other generation.

Offering all-day breakfast choices and spins on classics like omelets can attract Boomers looking for something new to your restaurant. Don’t forget to keep old tried and true meals like pancakes or an egg and meat spread — just remember to offer a healthy option!

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