How To Prevent Theft At Your Business

theftPreventing theft at your business is a critical step in maintaining your cash flow and the security of you and your customer’s personal information.

Whether you manage a restaurant or retail shop, video security is essential for running your business effectively and preventing or catching employee or customer theft.

Video Surveillance Deters Theft

Installing video surveillance at your restaurant or business is the first step in preventing loss. Did you know that the mere visible presence of a security camera can help reduce the chance of theft from occurring in the first place?

When people know that their behavior will be caught on camera, they are more likely to behave.

Of course, that is not to say that you should completely rely on security cameras — you also have to teach employees how to recognize suspicious behavior and how to safely report it.

This can include (but is not limited to):

  • Employees working odd hours
  • Non-customers hanging around the entrance to your restaurant or shop
  • Callers asking odd questions about employee hours, security, etc.

It is also crucial that you remember to ensure any surveillance you install complies with your state’s privacy laws and respects customer and employee privacy.

That means no cameras in the restrooms, dressing rooms, or any place where people have “a reasonable expectation of privacy.”

Monitor Transaction Data

To prevent employee theft, it is critical that your registers be surveilled by cameras, as well as cash drawer security. That way, no “sticky finger” situations can occur, leaving your books unbalanced and your cash flow disrupted.

Monitored data can also help keep personal customer information like their credit card numbers safe from abuse. For example, many cloud-based POS systems can keep customer data safe with every transaction through:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Cloud-based servers
  • Cash drawer security

Since a POS system can also track your restaurant or shop’s inventory, you can make sure that items like alcohol, food and drink orders and other items don’t mysteriously vanish.

Integrate Surveillance With Your POS System

The great thing about today’s video surveillance is that it can be integrated into your POS system. For example, with Remote Eyes, you can then do a filtered search of your stored database to easily retrieve and play back any video clip from your desired date, time, and camera.

And the best part? This can be done remotely or in-person! So even if you are a town, state, or half the world away, you can tap into your database and retrieve the information you need or watch security footage of your business.

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