Tips For Effectively Managing Your Restaurant Inventory

Inventory management is key to building a successful restaurant. It is a loss prevention tool that lets you know what is and is not available, and it helps ensure that you only use the freshest ingredients.

By monitoring what supplies go in and out of your restaurant, you can more effectively manage your restaurant’s budget.

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Is your restaurants inventory management system optimized? Check out the tips below to see if there are areas where you can improve.

Set A Limit On Inventory Storage

It may be fairly obvious, but the inventory in your restaurant needs to remain fresh if you are to remain in business and attract customers.

Your restaurant’s inventory storage should have set limits on the minimum and maximum amount of stock to limit spoilage while ensuring you always have the necessary ingredients to make a customer’s meal.

Be sure to regularly check inventory to remove out-of-date items and stock up when needed. Avoid overstocking to prevent food spoilage and waste.

Have A Dedicated Cloud POS

A Cloud POS system is an excellent way to manage your inventory, both on- and offline. Cloud restaurant POS systems such as Toast or MobileBytes also allow you to manage your inventory and other data from anywhere you have an internet connection.

A dedicated Cloud POS system will help you manage your inventory with real-time updates so you can easily view what items are needed and what has seen limited use.

When you know when ingredients will go bad, you can reduce waste by offering specials to help move those items before they spoil.

Keep Your Menu Up To Date

Keeping your menu up to date will go a long way in efficiently managing your restaurant’s inventory.

The data offered by Cloud POS systems allow you to optimize your menu by showing popular and unpopular dishes.

If something is never ordered, you can cut it from the menu to reduce the stock of those ingredients.

Take Steps To Prevent Theft

Preventing theft in your restaurant is an essential part of managing inventory and preventing income loss.

A POS system with integrated surveillance can help you manage your inventory by keeping track of drinks, food, and alcohol so you can easily see if something is missing.

In addition, surveillance deters theft and allows you to more accurately monitor transaction data.

Optimize Your Kitchen

A well optimized kitchen will help ensure that your inventory will never run out of supplies and stays on budget – all while keeping orders flowing and customers happy.

Keeping your kitchen optimized with modern technology and the proper equipment will not only help you manage your inventory but also cuts down food waste, which in turn reduces food costs.

This is especially important during your restaurant’s peak hours — you don’t want to discover that you cannot fulfill an order of a burger or a grilled chicken salad when there’s a line out the door.

Reviewing these simple tips can help you identify areas of your inventory management process that may be lacking. You may be surprised by the positive impact optimizing inventory management can have on your bottom line.

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