5 Tips For Making Your Restaurant Receipts Work Harder For You

make reciepts work

Receipts at your restaurant are essential in keeping accurate records and providing guests a way to easily provide tips to your staff. Though essential to your business and finances, receipts should not be looked at as a mere afterthought.

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Rather, take advantage of your restaurant’s receipts and make them work harder for you by following these 5 tips:

make reciepts workMove To Digital Receipts To Reduce Restaurant Waste

Making the switch from paper receipts in your restaurant to digital ones will reduce waste at your restaurant and in customer’s bags and pockets. Digital receipts also make it easier for customers to split checks and for staff to take orders on handhelds when the line is out the door.

Make Tipping Easier For Guests

Digital receipts have the added benefit of making tipping easier for customers and wait-staff. When guests are provided with pay-at-the-table and paperless receipts, not only does it improve table turnover, but tips for servers. Guests simply tap the percentage they want to leave or a dollar amount.

Advertise Promotions On Your Receipts

Receipts are a great way to advertise promotions at your restaurant since guests will always look at their receipts to check their total and write or tap in a tip. Whether paper or digital, advertising promotions on your receipts will get them front and center in front of guests.

Capture Customer Info For Mailing Lists

Another way your restaurant receipts can work harder for you and your restaurant? Capture their email for your email newsletter list where you can send out announcements, deals, promotions, and more. Just remember to give customers an easy way to opt-out of your mailing list.

Get Guest Feedback

Including a way for guests to easily give your restaurant feedback is another excellent way to make your restaurant receipts work harder. Adding a product to your Toast POS like Guest Feedback makes it easy for guests to leave feedback when they order through your Toast Go®, online ordering, or kiosk. Systems like this also have a way to opt-in to allow the manager to follow up.

If you prefer the old fashioned way of comment cards for customer feedback, simply place a reminder for guests to leave feedback on your receipt in an easy-to-spot area like below the Total Amount.

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