Location, Location, Location: Why It’s Important to Choose a Local POS Provider for Your St. Louis Restaurant or Bar

Working with a local POS provider like DCRS Solutions has many advantages for your hospitality business.

Since 1976, DCRS Solutions has been helping restaurant, hospitality and retail operators run their businesses more efficiently. Our team of St. Louis-based professionals provides POS, payment and IT solutions for bars, restaurants, cafés, coffee shops and breweries throughout the metropolitan area.

Why Work With a Local POS Provider?

Looking for reliable restaurant and bar point of sale system support in St. Louis? Look no further!

DCRS Solutions offers 24/7 live, local support to keep your restaurant up and running. Because we’re located right here in St. Louis, it’s easy for us to make in-person visits, answer questions and help you feel comfortable with the hospitality technology you choose.

Our customers value our willingness and ability to meet at any time. We know that downtime of any length can mean a loss of sales. That’s why being accessible and ready to spring into action for our restaurant clients throughout the St. Louis area is at the heart of everything we do!

Another reason to choose local? Choosing a local POS partner is a lot like choosing to eat at a local restaurant. DCRS Solutions isn’t run by a big organization run out of a high-rise hundreds or thousands of miles away; our team provides high-quality, personalized service based on the relationships we’ve built by being members of St. Louis’ food and beverage community. If you check out our DCRS team page, you’ll likely recognize at least a few familiar faces. We dine in your restaurants. We attend your events. Many of our team members have previously worked in St. Louis bars and restaurants.

Bottom line: When you choose a local POS provider, you invest in people who are invested in the continued success of the St. Louis food and beverage industry.

What Our St. Louis Restaurant and Bar Clients Say

  • “We want to deal with homegrown, St. Louis-operated companies. That sounds cliche, but I bet if you talked to many business owners, they’ll feel the same way.” — Crushed Red
  • “We’re all about local, you know. Whenever you can help and do business with another local company, it’s great. I think it pays huge dividends to the community.” — Anthonino’s Taverna
  • “We pride ourselves on partnering with local companies in general, whether it’s our food/liquor purveyors. And it’s the same thing when it comes to having someone close by for our POS needs.” — Mission Taco Joint

DCRS Solutions is your one-stop shop for hospitality technology solutions, training and support. Our mission is to become an extension of your hospitality business, providing on-call IT expertise for clients who don’t need a full-time IT employee.

At DCRS Solutions, we’re passionate about working with you to find the best hospitality solutions for your business and thinking through ways you can use technology to adapt and grow.

Get to know the DCRS Difference! Contact us today to learn more about the hospitality technology solutions we provide to businesses throughout St. Louis.