3 Features You’ll Regret Not Having in Your New POS System

Shopping for a new POS system for your bar or restaurant? The right POS system will help you streamline operations, respond to changing guest preferences, gather valuable customer data and keep your restaurant running smoothly so you can focus on cooking up a great dining experience.

Here are three must-have features you should be looking for in your next POS system.

Integrated Online Ordering
In 2022, no restaurant can afford to NOT offer online ordering. Customer demand for off-premise, contactless dining options has skyrocketed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s unlikely that things will ever quite go back to the way they were before. In fact, it’s expected that more than 185 million people will be using online food delivery services by 2025.

An integrated online ordering system allows your customers to place an order for takeout or delivery directly from your restaurant, avoiding the headache and fees of third-party services (for both you and the customer). This puts you in much more control of the overall dining experience.

With no end in sight for ongoing labor shortages in the food and beverage business, finding ways to streamline your operations and take some pressure off your employees is essential for restaurateurs in 2022. Handheld POS systems allow for at-the-table ordering and payment (more on that in a minute) saves servers endless trips back and forth to the stationary POS terminal. This means servers can improve order speed and accuracy, allowing them to turn tables faster and boost profits while also creating a better, more engaging guest experience.


Contactless Ordering & Payment
A growing number of guests (34%) prefer contactless ordering and payment options, such as tableside tables, QR codes and mobile payment devices. Many restaurants have embraced options that allow guests to use technology to order and pay at the table with their own devices in an effort to prioritize safety and speed. This developing restaurant technology can also help you boost efficiency with faster table turns and reduced labor costs, while also capturing valuable customer data.

The restaurant business is changing — fast. In order to keep up with an evolving industry and changing customer demands, restaurant owners must be willing to experiment with the latest hospitality technology and tools.

Have questions about choosing the right POS system for your restaurant? Worried you might be missing out on important features? Let us help ease your mind — contact DCRS Solutions today to speak to one of our hospitality technology experts!