4 Reasons You Should Work With a Value-Added Reseller

Gaining a competitive advantage in your business is more important than ever. Working with a value-added reseller (VAR) can help give you the leverage you need to outperform your biggest rivals.

If this term is new to you, it’s helpful to understand what a VAR is. As the name implies, a VAR is a business that adds features or services to an existing product for resale to end-users. They enhance existing platforms or systems, then work with third-party services to package them for sale as full-service offerings.

DCRS Solutions is a VAR. We realize you don’t have time to become an expert on the vast number of applications out there. So we serve as a liaison, saving you money while ensuring you don’t end up paying for something you won’t use.

Here’s why you should consider working with a VAR.

1. No Learning Curve
Experienced VARs are experts in the technology with which they work. They have the expertise to understand how complex, sophisticated systems function and serve a specific industry. That means you don’t have to become an expert yourself. They can work faster and smarter to bundle the products and services your business needs to succeed. You’ll end up with a platform or application that reduces costs, increases productivity, and generates the highest return.

2. A Strategic Approach
When you’re caught up in finding the best ways to improve your business processes, it’s easy to overlook planning. Building, connecting, and deploying a new system without a strategy in place can cost a fortune. VARs want your business to succeed. The strategy they develop will fit your business needs, work within your budget, and include only those features and technologies you want and need. No bells and whistles you’ll never use.

3. Customized Solutions
Attempting to create the customized products and services you need can be a money-losing proposition. A VAR’s economies of scale mean they can work faster to create the applications or platforms you need at a fraction of the price. Avoid the time and cost associated with crafting your own customized solutions from scratch by working with a trusted VAR well versed in your industry.

4. Peace of Mind
Working with a VAR frees up your time, energy, and resources so you can focus on what’s important: your business and customers. An established VAR allows you to concentrate on your business goals, whether they include streamlining your business and better serving your customers or implementing processes that make your employees more efficient. With a responsive VAR that understands your business at your side, you won’t feel the heavy strain of creating a new platform, app, workflow, or product from the ground up.

If you’re looking for the best product bundle for your business at a price that works for you, let DCRS help. We have a proven VAR track record.