Kaldi’s: The #STL Coffee Company

kaldisMost people enjoy going to work everyday and take pride in their jobs, but most of us tend to leave work behind while at dinner or on vacation. Not the case with Tyler Zimmer, the Director of Coffee for Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Company. Get him on the subject of coffee or craft beer and after 10 minutes your likely end up educated enough to open your own Microbrewery or Roaster. Lead by this passion, Tyler & the rest of the team (Includes: sister Tricia & brother-in-law Josh) have made Kaldi’s a staple in St. Louis.

Kaldi’s has grown to be the top choice for coffee in St. Louis…Not only because of the premium product it consistently puts out, but also because of their recognizable involvement in the St. Louis community and overseas as well.  The demand for better quality coffee is why Tyler has taken a hands-on approach to buying the coffee abroad to ensure the highest quality product that ends up in the majority of coffee lovers hands each morning. In the past few years Tyler has made tips to Burundi, Ethiopia and Rwanda to meet with the local coffee farmers and establish relationships with them in hopes that each year these farmers can produce higher quality products and also be rewarded for it. Kaldi’s Relationship Coffee is one of the many reasons it can separate itself from the competition. This dedication and responsibility to the local farmers to increase their quality of  product and take pride in doing it is what often inspires Tyler to keep going back to these places to learn more and help out.

4f8f481d05228.image_-300x225Interaction with customers is key to building a great community…Keeping up with an increase in demand and higher prices is why Kaldi’s makes it a point to educate each customer about the importance of the quality and uniqueness of each product. You can follow @Kaldis_Coffee on Twitter (Hints: from the title) to find out what their monthly featured coffee is or what Educational classes are available free to the public as well! They hope to educate the average (cup of) Joe about the importance of the quality of product they are serving as well as the talent of the Barista that is serving it. Kalid’s also continues to turn out top notch Barista’s like Joe Marrocco (Winner of the 2011 SCAA’s) and Mike Marquard (Half & Half) to make the everyday experience of getting a shot of espresso not so ordinary anymore.

kaldi1-300x200What’s next on the list for Kaldi’s Coffee in St. Louis?They hope to open another retail spot soon (Del Taco?)  and they are currently rolling out their new menu at their cafe’s featuring many local ingredients & producers with seasonal offerings.

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