Pickle’s Deli: The best local Deli in St. Louis

  Not too many people would give up their day job at the beach in beautiful Hawaii to return to the oh so unpredictable weather and seasons of St. Louis, but that’s exactly what  Kip Sparrowk did. As the Manager of Pickles Deli Downtown,  Kip can be found greeting guests as they wait to place their orders and even providing a table side charm as though you were eating at a nice table-service restaurant. With a background in fine-dining he brings a new level of service to the very distinctive delicatessen downtown. (try saying that 3 times fast!)

Pickles provides great quality sandwiches & exceptional service….Tim, Sean and Kip try not to over do things, they keep it simple: Large portions of freshly sliced Boar Head’s meats, traditional New York style deli sandwiches and great side selections like fresh fruit and made-in-house soups. In today’s experimental culinary world where restaurants try to incorporate science into a meal, its great to have a place like Pickles that keeps it simple and savory. This approach got Pickles noticed by owners of Potbelly’s in Chicago, which is another great classic style deli, who came in for a visit to see just exactly what these guys are doing!

Pickles provides a modern take on classic style….DCRS loves that Pickles keeps it old school with their classic deli sandwiches and piled high meats, but they also have a couple extra offerings that set them apart from the pack. Take their breakfast menu for example; if you are on the move to work (downtown) in the morning they have great breakfast sandwiches like the Breakfast Cuban and Biscuits N’ Gravy! They also offer catering to local business that may need a fix for lunch, but make sure you call ahead because these guys close at 3pm daily so they can get out enjoy other local cuisines!

“You’ll cry out for more of “the finest meats and cheeses!” at Pickles, where the owners truly take care to source the best foodstuffs and, in the case of the meats, select only the best cuts. For proof, order a pastrami with Swiss, and prepare to be amazed—not just at the taste, but also at how expertly the guys behind the counter can talk cold cuts. The cupcakes, P.S., have been receiving raves; they’re homemade.”~STLMAG

All about being Locally Owned & Operated…Sean and Tim are proud to be independent restaurant owners that support other local business and feed many hungry St. Louis natives and visitors. When they decided to open their second location downtown they wanted to ensure that they gained the respect of other established businesses. Kip says their goal was to move in quietly and open their doors to the downtown crowd without causing a scene. It has worked. Their lines are usually out the door by 11am, but don’t worry it’s not a long wait! I personally would like to see them open another location closer to our office so we can enjoy this delicious delicatessen at DCRS Solutions every day!

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