Z Report: Summer 2012

MICROS Highlights:

New Technology Offerings at the 2012 National Restaurant Association Show

The NRA Show in Chicago was buzzing with the latest innovations for restaurants.  Some of the most exciting offerings to improve restaurant operations came from POS industry leader MICROS.

Among the products featured was the MICROS POS iPad Ordering Client, an extension to the MICROS 3700 POS with in-store mobile ordering for restaurant staff on an Apple iPad.  With the MICROS POS iPad Ordering Client, restaurants can greet guests and serve them faster, improve order accuracy, increase table turns and customer spend.

MICROS’s mymicros.net is a powerful and complete reporting tool that compiles and organizes key financial and operational data in easy-to-view online reports, available for all MICROS POS products.  Management can view real-time data and comparison graphs, while being alerted to other critical money-saving metrics, off-site on their PC or smartphone.

MICROS’s myReservations is an easy and effective way to offer online reservations to customers. The software is fully integrated to MICROS RES 3700 Table Management System, handles customer preferences, seating capacity, available staff, and effortlessly manages the dining experience.  MICROS myreservations is accessible via the restaurant’s website, enabling guests to see real-time availability of the restaurant.

Other MICROS Mobility products featured at the show include webOrdering – a simple and intuitive online ordering solution designed for MICROS RES operators in need of a fast and efficient way to get their restaurant online and begin taking orders – and MICROS Mobile Payments powered by Tabbedout – the secure and innovative way to open, review and pay restaurant or bar tabs using a smartphone.

To read all about the latest products from MICROS that were seen at the NRA Show, click here.  To see the latest MICROS Mobility products, contact DCRS or visit our website at www.DCRS.com.

Security Breach:

Most Computer Hackers

Target POS Systems

Every day, criminals discover new ways to breach computer systems and pilfer valuable information. A recent study revealed that nearly 90 percent of cyber-attacks were designed to steal customer information including cardholder data, e-mail addresses and account information.

Not surprisingly, many attacks simply exploit inadequate security practices, like using an easily guessable password, for protecting critical business systems. Or, in the case of many restaurants and franchises, unsecure and public WiFi networks that are also linked to point of sale systems.

How can restaurants protect themselves?

Most restaurants can improve security in many ways. Security awareness and training for employees is the easiest and least costly security precaution. Attentive employees can tell when something has changed on a system they use on a daily basis. It’s also vital that businesses have a complete inventory or registry of valid assets in their environment to be able to recognize suspicious activities. More secure passwords that change frequently also ensure tight control and better system protection.

Finally, the faster a company can spot and respond to a security breach, the less likely they will experience the negative consequences, both financial and to their brand. Ongoing reviews and overall awareness that a breach can happen at any time can help to prevent a break in security.

For more on the study, click here.


A menu board is essential for showcasing menu items, daily specials, seasonal offers and more. One of the known challenges in running restaurants and bars is having the ability to easily and comprehensively manage and implement changes to the menu boards.

Menu changes, prices changes, seasonal offerings, consumer demand and corporate promotions are just some of the many reasons menu boards need constant updates. Traditional blackboards use chalk, and a server with nice penmanship, to make changes. Later, more modern menu boards required updated photography and graphic designers to make new signage that had to be printed and inserted. This can be a costly and time consuming undertaking, especially for multi-store customers when new promotions launch all at once.

MICROS developed a Digital Menu Board using the newest technology and digital screens to make changes simply and quickly, which can be managed from a central location. Better quality graphics increase sales and labor and production costs are greatly reduced when updates are made. Digital Menu Boards now integrate with the MICROS RES 3700 POS system to insure correct pricing and menu offerings by meal period.

To find out more about Digital Menu Boards, contact DCRS



To maintain your contractual agreements with your Credit Card Issuers, you must be in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) which includes not only using a currently validated payment application, but also using Secure Passwords,  maintaining a separate Firewall for the POS system, regularly updating AntiVirus software, and more.

We provide comprehensive services to help our merchants comply with all PCI requirements.  As your POS provider, we want to help you avoid risk.  It is essential that your business is and remains PCI Compliant.

If your business is compromised and found not in compliance with PCI-DSS, you may be subject to significant fines or penalties.

For the most current list of MICROS PA-DSS Validated Products, click here.

To insure you are using SECURE PASSWORDS, a properly installed and maintained separate FIREWALL, or ANTIVIRUS Software with updates, contact DCRS