Data Cash Register Systems Inc. was born in 1976 and has been proudly located in Maryland Heights ever since….

DCRS Solutions evolved in the early 90’s into a Total Solution provider to the Hospitality and Specialty Retail industries for POS (Point of Sale) Systems.

DCRS earned major awards from their respective manufacturers during the 90’s, for the thousands of POS systems rolled out nationally to Panera/Saint Louis Bread Company (MICROS)

We made substantial investments in staff Incentive Programs and Technical Certifications, to insure our Customers’ Expectations would be met, while their Satisfaction would increase.

Those investments paid off, as DCRS Solutions proudly earned the first ever presented MICROS Customer Service Award of Excellence in 2004.

The staff briefly celebrated their hard work with our 35th anniversary in March 2011.

Although these systems continue to do more every year for so many restaurants and retailers, the real difference behind our solutions is the PEOPLE of DCRS!

Go CARDS#12in12!