How A Cloud POS System Can Save Your Restaurant Money

Cloud POS Terminal

Being able to effectively manage your finances and stay on budget is critical to running a successful restaurant. When looking for creative ways to save money and keep your business running, taking advantage of technology can go a long way in helping you achieve your goals.

One easy method to improve the efficiency of your restaurant it to upgrade from a dated traditional point-of-sale system to a modern cloud-based version.

Here is how a cloud-based POS system can help save your restaurant money:

Calculate Restaurant Food & Labor Costs

Cloud POS Terminal

When running a restaurant, it is essential that you budget correctly and know what you are buying and the quantity you need.

This includes knowing what is on your menu, how big the menu is, and what ingredients can be used in more than one dish.

A cloud POS system can help you manage your restaurant food and labor costs by keeping track of what ingredients are purchased and while tracking how much are on hand.

You don’t want to accidentally overstock and then lose money to food spoilage.

Preventing Theft

Preventing theft is one of the biggest ways you can save your restaurant money. The University of Florida estimates that $36 billion is lost each year in the U.S. due to theft, so taking steps to ensure that you and your customers’ money is safe helps you develop a good reputation while limiting loss.

A cloud POS system can be integrated with surveillance to monitor registers, keep track of transaction data, and allow you to easily access video surveillance remotely or in-person.

Additionally, when your system is on the cloud, automatic updates are sent directly to your system so you can stay up-to-date on the latest security, keeping your restaurant and customer information safe and sound.

Set Up Efficient Reservations

The decision whether you will accept reservations at your restaurant is one that should not be taken lightly.

Not effectively managing your restaurant’s reservations can mean a huge difference between a successful night and one where you lose money to no-shows, cancellations, or being unable to accommodate walk-ins because you have no non-reserved seats available.

A POS system can help you manage reservations by showing you relevant data like your peak hours, what tables are available, and how much supplies you need for that night.

Additional Benefits Of Cloud POS

The reasons to make the switch from a traditional POS system to cloud version are countless.

From simplifying tableside ordering and payment to consolidating data across multiple restaurant locations, cloud POS systems offer restaurateurs a variety of tools designed to improve management and accountability. Additionally, cloud POS systems are often a far more cost-friendly option.

When you choose a cloud POS system, you are also getting the benefits of:

  • Cost effectiveness, as there are no upfront software costs and you gain instant access to the latest updates.
  • Maximum security standards and knowing your stored information is safe.
  • Less downtime should you experience problems thanks to our remote assistance and live help.

To find out more about how a cloud POS system can improve your restaurant, contact us today for a free demo. You may be surprised to learn how affordable, secure and convenient upgrading to a cloud-based service can be.

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