The Importance of PCI Compliance

When a customer comes into your place of business, they expect their transactions and data to be safe and secure whenever they swipe their card. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance is a set of security standards applies to any and all businesses that accept credit cards. This is overseen by the PCI Security Standards Council, which was founded in 2006. Your compliance with these rules is tested via a self-reporting checklist or a Qualified Security Assessor.

You Are Contractually Obligated To Be PCI Compliant

When you make the decision to accept credit cards at your business, be it a shop or a restaurant, you are contractually obligated to follow PCI DSS. Why? Because if you do not follow security standards and that data is breached, it is your acquiring bank that will take the brunt of it.

Though you are contractually obligated to be PCI compliant, it is important to remember that it is not a law. The Security Standards Council cannot penalize you directly—rather, if you are non-compliant, your acquiring bank can penalize you. You can even have your ability to accept cards revoked.

PCI Compliance Builds Customer Confidence

When you are PCI compliant, you will be not only protecting your business, but your customers. By taking the responsibility to protect your customer’s data, you will be building their confidence in you. Customers that know their data is safe at your business will be more likely to come back, boosting sales and your reputation.

DCRS Can Help You Stay Secure & Compliant

We take security seriously. That’s why at DCRS, we monitor regulations and security updates and update our software accordingly so your cloud-based POS system will remain secure and compliant. We will even help guide you through the process and meeting your responsibilities as a merchant.

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