Why You Should Avoid Using A Retail POS System In Your Restaurant

If you think that all point of sale systems are created equal, think again.

The purpose of a POS system in your restaurant and business is to make things as easy and efficient as possible. If you are using retail POS system in your restaurant, then you will want to make the switch to a POS system that is designed for restaurants

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Why? A specialized restaurant POS includes many benefits for you over a more general retail POS.

Simplify Communication & Ordering

To start, there are software & hardware differences between a retail POS and a restaurant POS. For example, in a restaurant, the front of the restaurant must be in constant communication with the kitchen so tickets can be fulfilled and orders can get to the customer hot and fresh.

Restaurant POS software has the native ability to send orders to the kitchen with a simplified user interface that makes it easy to read and manage for quick service.

From a hardware standpoint, restaurant POS systems need to be mobile for techniques like line busting and the ability for customers to pay at the table. Kiosks where customers can order and pay themselves can boost table turnover rates and make for happier customers that are on the go.

Modify Orders When Needed

If you use a generic retail POS system in your restaurant, be prepared to have a lot of waiting customers while your servers find workarounds to adjust orders to meet guest needs.

On the other hand, restaurant POS systems have the ability to modify orders, split bills, and add items up until the ticket is officially closed and paid for built in. In retail, a customer purchases an item and the ticket is closed, so these types of features are not usually designed into the system.

Keep Track Of Inventory & Costs

For a restaurant, the presence of inventory and managing food costs can make or break a night. If you run out of ingredients, you will not be able to host as many guests, and if you have too much inventory for unpopular items, you will end up wasting a lot of money.

A restaurant POS system can be a lifesaver for restaurant owners as they can keep track of inventory and food costs while helping you budget appropriately and modify the menu on the fly if needed.

POS Systems To Choose

When it comes to choosing a restaurant POS system, there are many excellent choices depending on your specific needs. For example, if you have multiple restaurants across the country, a cloud POS will consolidate all of your restaurant’s data in one easy-to-manage dashboard.

Toast POS and MobileBytes POS are both excellent systems to manage your restaurant. Both offer low monthly payments, cloud software that is updated and maintained remotely, and real-time data available on your mobile device. With these options, you can easily set up:

  • Online ordering
  • Quick menu modification
  • Pay-at-the-table
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • And much more

Make the switch to a restaurant POS today and see just how much better it is for you and your business!

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