Line Busting With DCRS Solutions Cloud POS Technology

Customers lining up out the door are both a boon and a problem to be solved for restaurants. On one hand, congratulations on your restaurant being so popular! On the other, long lines mean many would-be customers leave to find a restaurant where they do not have to wait as long.

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Restaurants with famously long lines like Chick-Fil-A and In-N-Out Burger get around this problem with a technique called line busting, which is a method frequently used in fast food, fast casual, and other restaurants to serve as many customers as possible through the use of modern POS technology.

Reduced Wait Times & Increased Turnover

One of the biggest benefits of implementing line busting at your restaurant? Reduced wait times for customers and increased turnover. The quicker you can serve customers and fulfill their order, the sooner you can serve other customers.

In Chick-Fil-A’s case, they can serve over 100 cars during peak hours! To keep the line moving and customers happy, they deploy employees with hand held POS devices to go from car to car and take orders and payment. They even get the description of customer’s cars so they know they are giving the right order to the right customer.

Increased Revenue

Because customers are less likely to leave thanks to line busting, your restaurant revenue will see an increase. With faster ordering, customers will be more open to increasing the size of their order than they would if they had to wait a significant period of time.

Implementing online ordering and self-serve kiosks to bust lines is also an excellent strategy to reduce wait times and increase restaurant revenue.

Get The Right Tech

To effectively line bust, you need the right technology in your hands. A cloud POS system like Toast or MobileBytes offers both handheld and online ordering options for quick order placement.

With a cloud POS system, you will be able to see your busiest times so you know when to deploy employees with handheld tablets to bust the lines. As with pay-at-the-table tablets, servers can check guests out more efficiently and confidently, knowing orders are accurate and transactions are secure.

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