Why You Should Regularly Sample Your Restaurant’s Menu

You think you know your restaurant’s menu pretty well, right? After all, you designed it yourself, choosing the best ingredients and determining the best menu options based on your target customers and location.

But when was the last time you actually tasted your menu items?

If you aren’t doing so already, regularly sampling your menu is a practice you should adopt to help establish another layer of quality control so you continue to give your restaurant customers the best experience possible.

Continue To Improve The Menu

When you taste test your menu, you are experiencing what customers experience each time they come to your restaurant. Use this time to make both dish and menu improvements.

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When sampling your restaurant’s menu, ask yourself these questions?

  • How does it look?
  • How does it taste?
  • Is the texture correct?
  • Is it the right temperature?

If you find any negatives when asking yourself these questions, use that feedback to improve upon the item. For example, if your breaded chicken strips are a bit soggy instead of that delicious fried crunch, perhaps there is an issue in the prep stage that could be fixed.

Optimizing your kitchen will also help you make improvements on your offerings. By keeping up with demand thanks to a modern cloud-based POS system like Toast or MobileBytes, the kitchen will not be rushing to complete orders, which can cause the quality to suffer.

Ensure Quality Of Food Options

If you do not taste your menu, how do you know for sure that your customers are getting the best quality meals?

Even if you taste tested these items during your decision to put them on the menu, things may have changed in that time. For example, you may have had to switch to another vendor or modify the meal to maintain your budget.

Whatever the case may be, sampling your restaurant’s menu regularly helps ensure the quality of the menu items and helps you find areas that need to be improved.

Get Customer Feedback

Getting customer feedback is an excellent way to supplement your own testing and can give you ideas of how to improve your menu.

After you have tasted your restaurant’s menu, walk the floor and ask customers their opinion of their meals, which may be different from yours. For example, if you find the balsamic glaze on your chicken too tart but discover your customers love it, consider keeping the item as is.

Understand that some customers may be uncomfortable sharing their opinion with you in person, so be sure to have an official Yelp page or comment cards available to them.

Offering rewards like a loyalty program, which are built into modern POS software like Toast and MobileBytes, can encourage more customers to leave their feedback .

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