Marketing Your Restaurant’s Online Ordering

You have set up online ordering and takeout at your restaurant but find that it is not taking off like you expected. Is no one interested?

Possibly, but with the growing popularity of takeout, it is more likely that you are simply not marketing it aggressively enough.

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Promoting your restaurant’s online ordering will bring attention to this new offering, and when combined with deals, encourage customers to place carryout orders with you.


Here are some strategies to market your restaurant’s online ordering, all of which can (and should be) used together:

Keep Your Restaurant Website Updated

When you have your own in-house online ordering system through a cloud-based restaurant point of sale system like Toast or MobileBytes, you have access to your own unique website that you can customize however you want.

Here, you can easily manage your online menu, keeping it up to date

Use In-House Printed Promotions

Using printed promotion inside your restaurant is an easy way to promote your restaurant’s online ordering.

Simple things like table tents, printing the takeout URL on receipts, signs on the door or by the register, and even menu inserts are all great ways to raise customer awareness.

Offer Hard To Resist Deals

Everyone loves it when they feel they have gotten a good deal on their purchase.

To get customers engaged in your online ordering, offer deals like introductory discounts on their first order or online only deals. Online coupons and deals should be prominently displayed on your website and at checkout so users can easily access them.

Be sure to use language that sparks attention like “Buy one sandwich and get the second free when you order online!” Or “Get free delivery on orders over $20!” This helps imply to customer that they are getting value with no effort on their part.

When using online deals and coupons on your website, remember to use restrictions so that customers cannot use them after the promotion has ended. In doing so, you will be in control of when a discount can be used when and for which products, helping prevent income loss.

This can all be managed in modern restaurant POS systems.

Take Advantage Of Customer Information

The greatest thing about having a cloud POS system like  MobileBytes and Toast that handles online ordering? All of that data is in an easy to access place.

That means if you have a customer database with contact information like emails thanks to your reward program and email list, you can easily send marketing emails promoting your online ordering service.

Post On Social Media

Finally, post to your restaurant’s social media like Instagram and Facebook. There, you will be able to host ads promoting online ordering, as well as special add promo codes for followers to use.

Utilizing social media will help target younger demographics like Millennials who are always looking for a good deal and convenient way to order food at home or work.

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