How To Constructively Respond To Delivery Complaints

As with all businesses, poor restaurant reviews are an inevitable fact of life. And while you cannot please everyone, there are steps you can take to make sure that any delivery complaints are addressed constructively and immediately.

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With these tips in hand, you will be ready to respond to any complaints you encounter and work towards an amiable resolution for all parties.

Give The Customer Your Attention

delivery complaints

When you experience a delivery complaint, you must give the customer your attention and understand what went wrong.

Did they wait longer than they should have? Was the food cold, made wrong, or the completely wrong order?

Apologize for any inconvenience and offer to make it right.

Find An Appropriate Solution

If an order was made wrong, do what you can to make it right — this includes remaking the order and redelivering it or offering a refund if the customer chooses to forgo replacement.

If you can, offer an additional perk like a discount on their next meal or a freebie appetizer, dessert, or drink.

Don’t Pass The Buck

We have all heard horror stories of deliveries and follow ups gone wrong. To avoid these delivery sins, own up to mistakes and don’t attempt to pass the blame to someone else.

Even if you use a 3rd party delivery service, if something with the order goes wrong, the customer will most likely turn to you with complaints.

Always research thoroughly if you are considering 3rd-party delivery services at your restaurant to find the best option. If you think in-house delivery is the way to go, plan carefully to determine if you can afford it.

Learn From Mistakes

When mistakes happen during food delivery, take it as a time to learn and apply what you have learned to your delivery strategy.

For example, double-check all orders before they go out, vet delivery drivers, and set a maximum distance and hours you will deliver to improve efficiency.

Utilize Cloud POS Systems To Manage Deliveries

The best way to manage deliveries at your restaurant is to have a dedicated POS system such as Toast or Mobilebytes.

These systems feature integrated delivery software that allows you to coordinate data across your restaurants, including employee scheduling.

Restaurant delivery is a popular option for consumers these days, but you need to be prepared for dealing with mistakes and complaints as they arise. To learn more about how a cloud POS system for restaurants can help, contact DCRS today!

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