5 Tips For Reducing Restaurant Employee Turnover

Your employees are critical to the success of your restaurant— and notoriously hard to find and keep. Restaurants have one of the highest turnover rates of any industry, up to 75% in 2018!

High turnover in your restaurant means that it is more difficult to build team bonds and you may see impeded growth.

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To keep employees at your restaurant content and happy to come in to work every day, here are 5 tips that may help you reduce employee turnover.

Maximize Scheduling Efficiency With A Cloud-Based POS System

Scheduling employees effectively will help eliminate confusion and make your restaurant more efficient. Think about the size of your staff and how they can meet the needs of your restaurant.

Use restaurant POS systems such as Toast and MobileBytes to effectively:

  • Schedule employees
  • Keep kitchens up to speed on orders
  • Keep track of online and takeout orders
  • Plus much more

Properly Train Your Employees

Your employees won’t stay long if they are neglected and not trained to perform their jobs correctly.

Consider everything from training all employees how to interact with customers – including children – and how to care for guests using your restaurant’s patio to the process for handling delivery orders.

Developing training procedures for all staff members will help them be better prepared to deal with all of the issues that can arise on a day-to-day basis in the restaurant industry.

Listen To Your Employees

If your employees come to you with a problem or concern, listen to them and take their words to heart.

Engaging employers and managers helps create a culture of respect in your restaurant, especially when you provide constructive feedback and positive reinforcement.

By being a good mediator and owner, you are showing employees that they can trust you and you can trust them.

Start An Employee Reward Program

Like customers, employees can benefit from a rewards program, such as Employee of the Month. Offering small rewards, be it a cash bonus or vouchers for third-part services such as a massage, can help employees feel appreciated and recognized for their work.

Be sure to involve them in the process so they can have a say in the goals that are set so they are realistic and everyone understands what it takes to achieve them.

Guest comment cards are an excellent way to help determine Employee of the Month, as well as identify areas of improvement.

Offer Meaningful Benefits

If you do not offer meaningful benefits that help employees in both their work and personal life, such as Meaningful benefits include paid time off, sick leave, and insurance, they will be more inclined to leave and look elsewhere for these perks.

If you’re looking to stand out, child care coverage is an excellent benefit for employees, especially if they have no other options available to them.

Keeping employees satisfied can significantly reduce employee turnover, which is stressful, expensive and unfortunately very common in the restaurant industry.

Taking steps to improve employee happiness can have a very beneficial effect on company culture, as well as your bottom line.

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