New Year Resolutions For Your Restaurant

new yeats resolutions

The New Year is here, and it is the perfect time to rethink your restaurant’s goals and resolutions.

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Setting realistic goals for your restaurant is a responsible business decision that will help you take control of your business and maximize results in both the short- and long-term.

Budget Wisely

new yeats resolutionsThe restaurant industry is notorious for its failure rate, especially if the manager hasn’t set and kept to a responsible budget, sees excess waste, and cannot effectively manage their inventory.

Your budget should always take into account food costs for each dish, your customers and the area you are located in, and your menu’s portion size. For example, if you have a pricey menu in an area where people don’t normally spend

Upgrade To A Cloud POS

Does your restaurant still have a traditional POS? It’s time to start this new decade right and upgrade to a modern Cloud POS like MobileBytes and Toast.

Cloud POS has a significant advantage over traditional POS in that it is designed to remain up-to-date and secure with regular updates, helping ensure that data is stored safely and in compliance. Cloud POS is also more cost effective than traditional POS with less up-front costs and access to the latest updates.

Reduce Waste

Waste is a huge complaint of restaurants, accounting for not only food going needlessly into the landfill, but lost money. Whether it is inventory that did not get used in time or disposable items such as plastic utensils and straws, there is a lot you can do to reduce waste at your restaurant.

For one, effectively managing your restaurant inventory by setting limits on storage, keeping your menu up-to-date, preventing theft, and optimizing your kitchen will reduce waste and help save money. You can also stop adding disposable items to delivery. Instead, ask customers if they want them or replace them with recycle- or compost-friendly options.

Rethink Management

Need a new way of managing your restaurant that increases accountability and educates employees? Open-book management may be for you.

This system of management is designed to increase accountability and educate employees on restaurant management.

Engage In Social Media

Having social media profiles for your restaurant will go a long way in promoting your brand, advertising exclusive offers, interacting with customers, and more.

This year, resolve to engage more with your customers on social media by posting updates and tasty pictures of your food and drink, and improving customer loyalty and trust by positively responding to reviews and comments.

Improve Customer Service

Guests at your restaurant should feel comfortable and welcome at your restaurant. Improving your customer service

Offer guest comment cards that guests can fill out to rate their experience in your restaurant from the server to restaurant cleanliness. When you have gathered customer feedback, use it to improve service in your restaurant.

Make Your Restaurant Welcoming & Safer For Everyone

Your restaurant should be a safe environment for everyone, including guests with allergies and families. As such, you should take steps to prevent coss-contact to keep customers with allergies safe and make your restaurant kid- and family-friendly. This means listening to customer requests, training employees correctly, and thoroughly cleaning work stations.

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