4 Tips For Building Your Restaurant’s Brand

The restaurant industry is notoriously competitive, having one of the highest failure rates among retail and service industries.

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On top of creating an incredible menu, you need to focus on how your restaurant is presented to the public. Before you even open your restaurant, you will need to establish your brand and how you stand apart from the competition.

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when you begin to establish your restaurant’s brand identity.

Have A Mission Statement

What is the purpose of your restaurant? Who are you? What do you stand for? These are questions you must answer before your open your restaurant’s doors for the first time.

Avoid statements like “We want to bring you the best food you have ever eaten.” Not only is this a generic statement, but everyone else is using it. Instead, say “We only use the best ingredients sourced from local farmers to support our community and bring you the healthiest options.”

deciding will help you set yourself apart from others and makes clear to customers what makes you different from the restaurant down the street.

Establish Your Brand’s Look

Your brand’s look is determined by your fonts, typefaces, graphics, logos, colors, and more. When customers see your restaurant, they should be able to remember its name and logo.

In the early stages, you may go through a few incarnations of your brand’s look before you settle on something you love that will also resonate with your customers.

Be Consistent In Your Branding

When creating your brand, it is important to remain consistent. If you are always using different fonts, colors and slogans, customers will become confused as to who you really are. Your website, social media, and print advertisements should be immediately recognizable and related.

Consistent branding helps build trust, establishes yourself as authentic, projects professionalism, and provides clarity about who you are.

Establish An Online Presence

A website for your restaurant will help you keep your brand visible and establish yourself before your restaurant opens for the first time.

Additionally, ensuring your Google Business information is properly set up and regularly updated will help encourage reviews, which many consumers consult before making a decision on where to eat.

Finally, social media is an excellent way to reach out to customers and establish your brand while keeping your restaurant top of mind.

A POS system like Toast and Mobilebytes offers a feature to create your own website where you can keep customers up to date on the latest menu updates, promotions, and delivery.

Before your restaurant serves its first customer, be sure to have a clear vision of your brand and how you will project your identity to the public.

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