Turn Tables Faster, Boost Profits With Handheld POS Devices

Streamline, simplify and speed up your operations with handheld POS devices! From taking and entering orders to getting the check and processing payments, this easy-to-use technology can help you turn tables faster for boosted sales and increased customer satisfaction. Read on to find out how investing in handheld POS devices can take your restaurant to the next level!

Servers spend their shifts walking back and forth to the POS terminal — sometimes as many as half a dozen trips per table. This eats up a lot of time. Handheld devices bring this number to ZERO, because servers already have the device with them wherever they go! 

Studies have shown that restaurants using handheld devices can turn tables up to 20% faster than those that don’t. By getting orders to the kitchen faster and speeding up the checkout process, you can serve more customers in the same amount of time. This improvement in operational efficiency will be felt not just by your servers and kitchen staff, but also by your hungry guests! Decreasing table turn time also gives you the opportunity to generate more sales, boosting profitability. 

Still not convinced? Here are a few other reasons to consider investing in handheld POS devices:

Improve Guest Experience

We all know that customers hate to wait! Handheld devices can improve the customer experience by reducing wait times for meals and checks. Happy customers are repeat customers who are much more likely to leave positive reviews and/or recommend your restaurant to a friend.

Take Payments From Anywhere

During busy patio seasons and with the rising popularity of curbside pickup, deliveries and off-site pop-ups, the ability to seamlessly take payment from anywhere can also be a huge benefit for your business.

Build Loyalty Program 

Handheld devices make it easy to collect customer data. When you offer to text or email a receipt, be sure to also ask whether the customer is interested in signing up for your loyalty program. Using this data to stay in touch with your customers encourages them to come back frequently, spend more money and become regulars.

Encourage Bigger Tips

Handheld devices can prompt higher tips with suggested gratuity features, a benefit your employees will surely appreciate.


An efficient POS system is essential for any restaurant. Static POS terminals that must be shared by every server can greatly slow down your operations, resulting in diminished efficiency, profitability and overall guest experience. Handheld POS devices that servers can use on the go are the solution! Our devices allow you to accept all forms of contactless payment, including debit, credit, mobile and NFC, using EMV technology with encrypted data to prevent fraud.

Contact DCRS Solutions today to find out how handheld POS devices can improve your table turn times and boost overall efficiency in your restaurant.

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