Leveraging Google integrations at your restaurant with SpotOn

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In a world where consumers are more aware of the tight margins restaurants operate on and how costly third-party commissions can be for them, it makes sense why 63% of people would instead order directly from an establishment.

But as a restaurant, how can you move away from those third parties you’ve spent years with?

Google integrations with SpotOn may be your answer!

Cut out third-party commissions

During the pandemic, restaurant orders increased significantly, but many of those restaurants saw a lot of that profit go to third-party delivery services like GrubHub and Doordash. In fact, GrubHub reported an increase of 41% in revenue!

By leveraging Google integrations, restaurants can step away from these costly third-party commissions with commission-free online ordering and delivery from point-of-sale systems like SpotOn. This system takes advantage of the Doordash delivery network and logistics while protecting your profit margin. Customers will only pay a flat fee per order, with no hidden fees!

Order with Google

Each month, Google Search sees 16.6 million requests for “Restaurants Near Me.” If you aren’t taking advantage of this number, you should be! SpotOn makes it easy for guests to order directly from Google, your website, and even Facebook!

The best part? When customers order from you, their data is kept in your system so you can easily retarget them for repeat visits. This wealth of data allows you to understand the ordering habits of your customers and more effectively market to those customers, find your busiest (and most profitable) times, and more!

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At DCRS, we know POS systems. Whether you’re new to online ordering and delivery or want to streamline your current system, our team of experts will work directly with you to find the plan that best meets your needs.

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