Retain employees at your restaurant with DCRS Cloud and SpotOn

21% of restaurants list employee retention as one of the top 3 challenges they expect to face in the industry in the coming years. This mass exodus from the restaurant industry results in overworked employees with a demanding schedule and minimal incentive to stay.

To combat this, the restaurant must not only give their employees competitive wages but offer robust benefits like overtime and development opportunities and flexibility in pay and scheduling.

This can be accomplished by investing in new technology from DCRS Cloud & SpotOn.

Make scheduling easier for staff

Scheduling options make it easier for staff to know when they work. With SpotOn, for example, you can create schedule templates for your restaurant and allow the team to view and make changes to their schedules. No more texting back and forth or old-school paper schedules tacked on a board.

Staff can pick up a shift immediately, schedule time off, or switch shifts with another if needed. The less stressed and more secure employees are about their scheduling goes a long way in developing loyalty.

Make cash handling safer for staff and restaurant

It’s no secret that tips are essential to staff in the restaurant industry—they heavily depend upon them in addition to their base wage. Tip disbursement can be unsafe for staff, especially if that tip is in cash. It can get lost, stolen, or misdistributed. With a POS system like SpotOn or DCRS Cloud, there is less cash handling which is safer for staff and more accessible for the restaurant.

SpotOn Teamwork makes it easy to distribute tips to the staff and manage payroll, while DCRS Cloud offers a restaurant card that works as a pre-paid debit card for tip disbursement. This card works at no cost to users of the DCRS Cloud POS system and can be easily reloaded.

Invest in state-of-the-art POS systems at DCRS

POS technology from DCRS is a smart solution for your restaurant to help save on labor costs and help retain employees. A complete labor management system can deliver dramatic time and cost savings for your restaurant, allowing you to support your team with fair wages while still protecting your bottom line.

By eliminating employee frustrations with scheduling, payroll, and tip distribution, it’s much easier to create a work environment where expectations are easily and immediately communicated, and employees are much more likely to stick around.

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