Need to cancel a guest reservation at your restaurant?

waitstaff putting reserved card onto restaurant table

Are you a restaurant owner who needs to cancel a guest reservation? Cancellations happen from time to time due to things like overbooking and staffing problems. Canceling these guest reservations can be tricky – but if done correctly with solutions in tow, it doesn’t have to be a hassle or hamper the customer’s experience.

Be honest about why the guest’s reservation was canceled

Letting a guest know that their reservation had to be canceled is challenging and can often feel like a daunting conversation. As a host, it’s important to inform guests of why their reservation was canceled in an informative, professional manner. It can be helpful to let them know that while they may have been inconvenienced, it was in the best interest of both you and your customer due to the outlined circumstances.

Remaining courteous while setting appropriate expectations can help guests maintain trust and understanding of your restaurant.

Offer the guest a table for another night

Reservation cancellations are an unfortunate reality in the restaurant business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into a positive experience for your guests. If possible, offer to reschedule the reservation for another night so your guest can enjoy a great meal.

Suggest other venues

If you must cancel a guest reservation, we encourage you to suggest other venues in the area that may be able to accommodate them. This kind and thoughtful gesture showcases your appreciation for their business—research to find establishments nearby that could hold their party size and have availability that evening. Making sure you provide them with reliable information will go a long way toward making the best of an unfortunate situation.

Streamline Online Reservations & Waitlist

SpotOn Reserve, a revolutionary restaurant reservation system, is changing how customers make reservations. By allowing guests to reserve a table online and quickly find their desired spots without having to call, SpotOn Reserve ensures they can plan and enjoy a more effortless dining experience. The system offers various features, such as Google integration and Online Waitlist

Unlike other reservation systems like Open Table, Tock, and Resy, which charge a monthly fee plus a per-cover fee, SpotOn Reserve has a monthly flat rate. DCRS can help your restaurant manage reservations with SpotOn Reserve and other POS technology. Call us today for a free demo!

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