5 Tips for efficient tip tracking at your restaurant

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Tips are the lifeblood of wait staff throughout the United States as tips account for up to 60 percent of their income. Tip tracking at your restaurant is critical in staying compliant with labor and wage laws and needs to be reported to the IRS by both employer and employee.

Use technology like SpotOn Teamwork

SpotOn Teamwork is the industry’s most comprehensive labor management software today. This software is easy to use and improves the employee experience, labor costs, and compliance by removing the guesswork—especially if your restaurant has more than one location.

SpotOn Teamwork “prepares a complete payroll based on a restaurant’s scheduling, wage/overtime rules, tips, breaks, and local/state rules.” As the manager, all you have to worry about is reviewing and approving the reports without putting in hours of work that could be spent elsewhere.

Invest in pay-at-the-table technology

An easy way to track tips at your restaurant is to invest in technology that allows customers to pay at the table and leave a tip with the tap of a finger. With this technology, guests are encouraged to leave a tip percentage or a custom amount before they sign. Once complete the total payment, including tips, is logged in your POS system for easy reporting.

Train your employees on tip reporting

Whether new to the restaurant industry or not, employees should be trained on correctly tracking tips. Set aside a time during onboarding or a whole-house training day to teach employees how to use the system and answer any questions.

Everyone benefits when the staff knows how to use your restaurant’s POS system effectively.

Set a reminder for all staff

Since tips need to be reported by all staff and management, set up an automated email that will remind everyone to get their monthly tip reports in by a specific date. This will help ensure that tip reporting is done on time.

Find an accounting team that understands your needs

We get it: Accounting is only some people’s strong suit. To relieve stress, find an accounting team that understands your industry needs. A good firm should have experience in the restaurant industry, and you should be able to trust them to get the job done so you can focus on your operation.

Make your restaurant more efficient with DCRS

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