Labor-Management Systems: A Smart Solution for Restaurants’ Rising Labor Costs

It’s no secret that labor costs are on the rise. Many restaurant owners are offering higher wages to attract and retain the good employees that their customers demand. Yet in an industry where profit margins were already notoriously tight, rising costs for anything can cause complications with the overall budget. So what’s a restaurateur to do?

A complete labor management system can deliver dramatic time and cost savings for your restaurant, allowing you to support your team with fair wages while still protecting your bottom line. More and more, savvy restaurant owners are turning to technology to streamline their operations through automation. These IT solutions can increase efficiency, improving the overall customer experience and in turn increasing revenue, which can be used to help cover those rising costs.

What can a labor-management system do for you?

The right labor-management system is easy for you and easy for your employees. By integrating a variety of functions that have traditionally been fragmented and required lots of hands-on management, you can create workflows for your business that integrate with your cloud POS platform and simplifies your daily operations, making this hospitality technology a great tool for restaurants big and small. 

A labor-management system can supercharge your efficiency and make sure that all of your restaurant’s moving parts are perfectly in sync. You’ll save time and money with a single integrated system that is designed to ensure compliance, improve employee experience and retention, and reduce time spent on administrative tasks.

Other benefits of a labor-management system include:

  • Improved employee experience and retention. By eliminating employee frustrations with scheduling, payroll and tip distribution, it’s much easier to create a work environment where expectations are easily and immediately communicated, and where employees are much more likely to stick around.
  • Real-time information about scheduling and assignments, understaffed dayparts, risks of overtime, labor vs. sales, trends, PTO and sick time, shift trades, and much more. You’ll know that you’re always working with the most up-to-date information when you’re needing to make several staffing decisions at once.
  • Greater protection from labor compliance issues, overpaying and future wage claims through verified time punches and meal/rest breaks as well as scheduling enforcement functions.
  • Automated tip pooling and distribution, which enables much faster end-of-day reporting during the closing shift. The technology even allows tips to be exported directly to payroll or pay cards to eliminate the need for cash.

The right restaurant tech allows you to automate the tedious tasks that take up time you and your servers could be using to focus on providing great hospitality that makes your guests want to come back.

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