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If  you don’t have a competitive advantage over the Restaurant next door, it’s hard to compete!

Compeat Restaurant Management Systems  brings complete Inventory  control into your business with full automation and integration (MICROS & RESTAURANT MANAGER).

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Below is a great success story &  interview of a site that implemented Compeat with their Restaurant Manager POS.

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Compeat and Restaurant Manager


In 1982, Tom and Molly Broder opened their deli, Broders’ Cucina Italiana, with the mission to prepare food that rivaled the tastes they discovered on a trip to Bologna, Italy. Broders’ Pasta Bar opened in 1994 across the street from the deli, bringing true Italian cooking to a cozy neighborhood restaurant. Since 2012, Broders’ has been utilizing Compeat Advantage for their back office and accounting in their restaurant, deli, and catering operation. They also use Restaurant Manager for their POS system. This interview with Broders’ Cucina’s Owner, Molly Broder, describes their experience.

You are using two restaurant systems — Restaurant Manager for POS and Compeat for back office and accounting. How is that working out for you?
Molly Broder: Compeat Advantage automatically polls our Restaurant Manager POS system and puts the financial information in a customized Daily Sales Report. This is something that used to be done manually so it is much easier now and saves us a lot of time. As an added bonus, both companies’ support staff are very responsive when changes need to be made.

Are you getting all the information you need from your Restaurant Manager POS system into Compeat? Are you experiencing reliable communication?
MB: Yes, communication is reliable between Compeat and Restaurant Manager POS. We have never had a glitch. We are looking forward to getting all of our menu items in our Advantage software which will give us the ability to poll everything we need out of Restaurant Manager.

Enterprise_Graphic_NEW2What did you do prior to Compeat for back office and accounting and what did you like or dislike about it?
MB: Prior to Compeat, we used Foodtrak for recipe and inventory management, and Cougar Mountain for accounting. We were unhappy with both software systems so we started hunting around and found Compeat.

Has Compeat allowed you to increase control over daily restaurant operations?
MB: Yes, Compeat has definitely improved the way we run our operations and given us more control than we’ve ever experienced.

Has Compeat allowed you to save time in your daily accounting operations?
MB: The ability to go right into our Daily Sales Report to get any financial information — from any of our three locations — has saved us an immense amount of work. This allows our managers to spend less time in the office and more time in the front of the house ensuring our customers’ satisfaction.

Has Compeat allowed you to save time in your daily restaurant operations?
MB: No question the best aspect of Compeat Advantage is the daily accounting operations. We love it! With three entities, we are amazed at the capabilities the software provides. We have been very pleased with many time savers using the system, especially dividing costs between our three unique entities. The ability to convert our inventory orders directly into invoices has proven to be an invaluable feature as well.

Are there any other benefits you have gained from using Compeat?
MB: The eXcellent financials is the single best tool in Compeat! It allows me to obtain any customized report I want in seconds. Prior to learning about eXcellent financials, I had hired a temp to enter information from Compeat onto spreadsheets. I thought it would be 2-3 days of work. I decided to take the Compeat online eXcellent financials course and as a result I had the spreadsheets done in about 30 minutes and called off my temp. We will be using excellent financials for everything going forward. It is awesome!