Order Up! How to Choose the Right Online Ordering System For Your Restaurant (That Isn’t a Third-Party App)

Not-so-breaking news! Online ordering for restaurants is having a moment. In fact, online orders now represent more than a third of all restaurant orders (compared to just 10% pre-pandemic). Online ordering, either for carryout or delivery, has grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014, and that number is only expected to rise.

Many customers report spending more money on off-premise orders — cha-ching! — meaning that failing to offer an online ordering platform results in money left on the proverbial table. Plus, customers are able to stay better connected to restaurants with a robust digital presence, meaning when they are looking to dine out, those restaurants are likely to be top of mind. 

So what does it all mean?! It’s more crucial than ever to offer your guests an easy-to-use, custom online ordering platform that integrates seamlessly with your POS system. A robust online ordering system allows your staff to focus on serving up a five-star customer experience while also giving you a digital touchpoint to capture valuable guest data and upsell e-gift cards, dining experiences, and other elements that satisfy each customer’s specific appetites.

For some restaurants, a third-party platform such as GrubHub or UberEats may be sufficient. Yet many restauranteurs find that these apps offer limited functionality and can interfere with the customer relationship — usually at a pretty steep price, with restaurants losing on average of 25-30% per month on third-party delivery services.

If you’re looking for an online ordering system that isn’t a third-party app, keep reading. There are many benefits of choosing a customized online ordering platform that is an integrated feature of your POS system, such as SpotOn Order. Here are just a few:

  • Boosted profitability for your online efforts by avoiding third-party commissions and fees.
  • Greater access to real-time customer data, which helps you run a more efficient and more profitable business through a more in-depth understanding of both new and returning customers.
  • Increased flexibility around menu modifications, which can be done directly through your cloud POS platform. With so much in flux around the global supply chain, this ability to edit as often as needed will help you and your customers avoid the headache of wanting to order items that aren’t actually available.
  • Online ordering isn’t just for food! By integrating online ordering with your POS platform, it’s easy to offer digital gift cards (a quickly growing industry) from anywhere and at any time.

A few other benefits of investing in a customized online ordering system:

  • Today’s customer is eager to support restaurants committed to delivering a seamline, mobile-optimized dining experience. In fact, 45% of consumers say that offering mobile ordering or loyalty programs would encourage them to use online ordering services more often.
  • Easy upsell! Online ordering platforms can allow you to suggest meal add-ons for both a bigger ticket and a better guest experience.
  • It’s no secret that much of the restaurant industry is struggling to find dedicated workers. Online ordering, combined with the resurgence of QR code technology makes it simple for guests to order and pay directly from their mobile devices, meaning you can operate with a leaner staff.

The past few years have turned the restaurant industry on its head, dramatically altering the way many restaurants run. If you’re ready to offer online ordering at your restaurant, or simply are curious whether your POS system is maximizing your potential profits, contact DCRS Solutions to learn more about our white glove hospitality technology solutions.