Why Restaurants Should Invest NOW in Hospitality Technology

The pandemic made it clear that technology is vital to success — or even mere survival — in the restaurant industry. 

Oftentimes, the restaurant industry has been slow to adopt technology and other innovative solutions. COVID-19 accelerated digital adoption among consumers and businesses, with some experts estimating that nearly five years of technological progress were compressed into a mere eight weeks! Restaurants were no exception, as owners scrambled to find ways to stay in business while keeping their customers and employees safe. 

Since then, customers have become accustomed to online ordering, curbside pickup and contactless payments, and it’s unlikely that many will be willing to go back to the tech-lite lifestyle we were living just two years ago. Instead, restaurant owners must accept that the industry’s landscape has forever been altered and be on constant watch for opportunities to innovate.

Sound intimidating? The team at DCRS Solutions is here (and happy) to help! 

What does innovation in the hospitality industry look like?

While drone-delivered meals may seem like something straight out of a sci-fi show, the robots really are coming! Staying abreast of the latest trends and technologies now can make it easier for your restaurant to adapt as the industry evolves. 

Keep these digital trends and tools top of mind in 2021 to keep up with (or even stay ahead of) the competition!

  • Online ordering systems and delivery apps, especially through integrated, in-house models.
  • Contactless payment, either online or with a smartphone, smartwatch or smartcard via an app or touchless device.
  • Online table reservation systems that allow restaurants to manage seating, waitlists, customer loyalty and dining preferences as well as collect vital customer data.
  • Digital kitchen “boards” that connect with cloud POS systems to help restaurants streamline back-of-house operations.
  • Automated inventory management software that can help restaurants cut food waste and costs while running their businesses more efficiently and sustainably.
  • QR codes for contactless ordering and contactless payment.
  • Air purification technology.

Remember, turning to tech is trendy, and has allowed restaurants to not only survive, but also thrive, in the “new normal.”

How can I get started?

For restaurants that have received emergency assistance from the Restaurant Revitalization Fund or other grant programs, properly investing this money in technology solutions is a great way to ensure both short- and long-term results. 

With the right hospitality technology, restaurants can streamline operations, improve customer experiences, reduce labor costs, and recruit/retain employees with ease, while also building a strong technological foundation for future innovation. Many of these goals can be achieved with a modern, robust cloud POS system, a strategic online presence, and real-time monitors and sensors.

Ready to get started? Contact DCRS Solutions today to find the right hospitality technology solutions for your restaurant!