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Introducing MICROS inMotion™
The Real Time Mobile App for Restaurant Operators


Restaurant owners and managers can now see real time store operations data via their smartphones with the release of MICROS inMotion™ mobile app. MICROS inMotion’s outstanding user interface goes beyond the conventional reporting of dated statistics and rather provides eye popping, real-time actionable information to users.

MICROS inMotion is the mobile companion to mymicros.net™, the powerful Internet-based reporting end of the MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Solution (RES) and the MICROS e7 Series POS solutions. inMotion is a full-featured free app for iPhone or iPad initially available through iTunes.

With MICROS inMotion, mymicros.net customers now have mobile access to real time performance statistics, critical labor details, and customer service tools and are able to react to the data by making store-level decisions even when offsite.

Watch this 1 MINUTE video for MICROS inMotion:


How & Why Do People Look for Your Restaurant with Smartphones & Tablets?

How does your business look to smartphone and tablet users? Devices are used differently when seeking information about your restaurant.

Restaurant search activity is one of the fastest-growing mobile categories, however, smartphone users are likely looking for different information about your restaurant than tablet users are. Research shows that people use smartphones to find restaurants when they’re out and about, but use tablets when they’re at home.

The top three restaurant search activities performed by smartphone users are to:


  • Call a restaurant.

  • Look up directions.

  • Look up a location “near me”.


Tablets users search out other types of information, mainly to:

  • Look at ratings and reviews.

  • Find online coupons and promotions

  • Research menu/specific food items

If you’re modifying digital information from your website for smartphone and tablet use, keep these findings on restaurant search behavior by device in mind and enhance your digital content to the way people use these devices. The most important thing is that your phone number and directions are easy to find on both platforms.

New Malware Steals Credit Card Data from POS Systems 

Computer security software giant McAfee is reporting a new type of malware designed to steal credit card data from (POS) computer systems. The malware is being called ‘vSkimmer’ and targets point-of-sale systems, or checkout systems, used in retail environments. There have even been system breaches at local St. Louis area businesses, most notably the large grocery chain Schnucks.


Here’s how the malware works: once installed on a checkout computer or POS terminal, vSkimmer collects and sends this information back to a control server where it can be used by hackers to monitor infected POS systems. The malware scans the system for any ‘Track 2’ data. Track 2 data is the information that is stored on the black magnetic strip on physical credit cards. Hackers can use the stolen credit card numbers to make fraudulent purchases or bogus credit cards.

If your restaurant is properly compliant with the most current PCI regulations, you should be safe from hackers.  Guidelines are always changing so be sure your POS is up to date.  To read more about vSkimmer and if you are vulnerable, click here.

If you have questions about PCI or system security, call one of us and we’ll be happy to help.

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