MICROS | Engagement Feature

MICROS | Engagement Feature.

The recently released MICROS mTablet and mStation–is compatible NOW for use with the MICROS 3700 Restaurant Enterprise System (RES) and the MICROS Simphony 1 Large Enterprise System (LES), and scheduled for later in 2014, the MICROS e7 System.



The newest addition to the MICROS mTablet family of mobile POS solutions, the E-Series line of tablets blends affordable hardware and extended battery life with all of the enterprise-grade capabilities provided by MICROS software

Through a world-class collaboration with Microsoft and Intel, the MICROS Engagement Feature is visually stimulating and provides advanced capabilities that significantly raise the bar on what the hospitality and retail experience should be. MICROS Simphony™, running on Windows 8.1 professional or Embedded Industry, coupled with the MICROS mTablet E-Series that incorporates the latest Intel® Atom™ processor, bring a fluid, beautiful touch experience to hospitality and retail operators around the world.


Key Features:

  • Available for the mTablet E-Series when running Simphony™ in a Windows 8.1 Professional or Embedded Industry Environment
  • Highly animated, interactive and configurable
  • The “Welcome Experience” replaces traditional login screens that are visible to the customer with engaging content (daily specials or upcoming events as well as order entry)
  • The “Manager’s Hub” provides access to sensitive data, analytics, and tools, enables mobile restaurant waitlist and reservation management, and tracks metrics such as sales and costs, inventory, and labor