MICROS inMotion: Why “Right Now” Matters

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MICROS Simphony and inMotion: Why “Right Now” Matters | MICROS Systems, Inc..

micros_2.CLIP_By: Gabe Shulmanrsz

Imagine yourself on a white-sand beach, enjoying the final day of your first vacation in recent memory. The sun is shining, the waves are crashing and the day is perfect.

Then the all too familiar jingle of your phone breaks the warm summer serenity. Although you would prefer to continue relaxing, you answer. The voice on the other end is that of the manager of one of your restaurants. She informs you that your weekly sales are far below your labor costs. You have been losing money all week.

This is not news you want to receive on your tropical getaway. These restaurants are your livelihood and the dream into which you have poured countless hours. You’ve earned this vacation and hoped to come back to the place in the same way you left it. But now you’re losing money. A lot of it. You have no choice but to shake the sand off your feet, make the trek back to your hotel room, and reach into the back of the closet where you purposefully buried your laptop bag.

Your vacation is over.

Now, imagine the same scene, but this time you are just starting your vacation and receive a warning on your phone informing you that your labor costs are higher than they should be. It’s the restaurant business and this kind of thing happens.

Using MICROS inMotion on your smartphone to easily view the real-time sales data posted by MICROS Simphony, you quickly navigate through current and historical Sales, Guest Count and Labor graphs to confirm that the sales data validates the warning you just received.


This time you call your manager and alert her to the issue, instructing her to cut enough staff members to retain balance at the restaurant. You hang up after the brief conversation and drift off to sleep to the sound of the ocean.

Using the MICROS Simphony Point of Sale, Reporting and Labor modules in conjunction with the MICROS inMotion smartphone application can make this vision a reality.inMotion

MICROS Simphony’s real-time posting engine keeps your above-store reporting and application databases up to date with the most current transaction information. Time and money wait for no one, and the ability to see sales and labor data in real-time is imperative in the restaurant business so that decisions can be made to keep the operation profitable. Sales, Labor, Ticket Times and individual Check Details are sent from the workstation to the enterprise in real time, keeping Reporting and inMotion up to date so that you are always armed with current information and never out of the loop on what’s happening now in your restaurant.

Back at the restaurant, your manager uses Simphony’s Labor Management Module to change the employee schedules and review the forecast to make sure the staffing level is on par with the requirements. You are even able to validate her work from the beach once everything is done.

No more waiting. No more travelling to different locations to make changes: MICROS Simphony gives you the power to conduct all of your business from one place: Anywhere.

Running a restaurant is taking a hundred different pieces and making them work together. This is your business. This is your Simphony.

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