Spring 2014

logoz report

F O O D   F O R   T H O U G H T

IRS Bites Into Restaurant Income
A new IRS rule is making restaurant servers seeing red. The gratuity many restaurants automatically add for larger parties now must be distinguished as “service charge” versus a “voluntary tip”. Click here to watch why this is creating more paperwork for restaurant owners.


S E C U R I T Y   S A V V Y

“A lot of people didn’t think it was real until the pop ups started showing up on their desktop from Microsoft,” 

said Dave Smelson, MICROS.    

If you are still using Windows XP,  YOU ARE NOT PCI Compliant

As of April 8, 2014, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP. Contact DCRS today for a quote on upgrading your system. If you are using an XP system that was not installed by DCRS, let us provide a competitive quote for your new replacement.



Windows XP Retirement Opens Doors to Hackers
ATM operators and small business owners who haven’t yet upgraded their Windows XP system are now vulnerable to hack attacks. Here is why.


M I C R O S   M I N D E D

Tim Hortons Chooses MICROS

“By going to a single-source POS, this allows us to do more things, from order taking to making it simple to add on new apps,” says David Clanahan, COO, Tim Hortons. Learn more why they chose MICROS for their spring roll out. 

Sonic Corp. Upgrades to MICROS

Learn why Sonic’s CEO expects to see improved margins and revenue from this MICROS implementation.

Ale House Uses MICROS mTablet
Check out this video that shows Ale House’s success story with using the new MICROS mTablet. The staff describes how the restaurant flow has improved dramatically with this new device. To learn more about the mTablet, click here.

T E C H   T R E N D S

MICROS Customers More Secure
Higher demand for credit card security leads MICROS to partner with Merchant Link to provide their customers with an integrated solution. Learn more about this cost effective solution. 





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